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Roop and Ranvir have a wrestling match. Roop fights for Kinjal’s happiness, since she has challenged Ranvir. Shamsher tells Roop that he will buy a new sandals for Kinjal if Roop wins the wrestling match. Roop loves Kinjal a lot and agrees for her sake. Shamsher uses Roop’s sensitive heart to mould him into a tough man. Shamsher applauds Roop for his bravery. Roop gets beaten up by Ranvir initially. Ranvir takes down Roop and hopes to win. Roop turns the tables and bashes up Ranvir, which surprises Kamla. Shamsher feels proud of Roop and hugs him. Kamla thanks Lord that her son has kept Shamsher’s expectations.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara pampers Falguni with fake love and falls in trouble. She does make up to Falguni and decks her up. Falguni tells everyone that she looks lovely just because of Uttara, she has applied her the makeup. She gets bored and asks Vidhaan to play with her. Vidhaan asks her to play tongue twister game, but its tough. Falguni plays with him. She asks Uttara to play with them. Uttara applies the glue lipstick by mistake which she planned for Falguni. She gets tight lipped because of her own fault. Suyash asks Uttara is she annoyed with Falguni, why is she not talking to her.

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Jiji Maa

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