Spoilers — 22nd June 2016


Siddhant is trying to move on after Roli died. Siddhant saves Prerna when she falls down while doing decorations. He holds her and is falling in love with her. Siddhant tells his family that he is ready to marry Prerna and start his life fresh. On the other hand, Prem and Kamya play in water. They have a romantic moment, which Simar gets shocked witnessing this. Simar slaps Kamya angrily.


Mihika and Adi take Raman to Romi, and make him apologize. Raman and Ishita go with Mihika. Raman murmurs his frustration. Later, there comes a shock for Bhallas. Niddhi wins Ruhi’s custody. Raman and Ishita are helpless and could not do anything. Judge visits Bhalla family and tells everyone that she is giving Ruhi’s custody to Niddhi. This happened because of Niddhi’s planning. Niddhi shows Mrs. Bhalla and Amma quarreling badly.

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  1. Rekha vaghela

    Die all the protagonist… Nothing good is happening and will never happen to any one of u…u r suffering for ur pap’s of last janam… And villians did some good deeds in last janam so even god favours them…

    P.s. stopped watching all this nonsense long ago. But reading updates sometimes makes me wonder that story didn’t move a bit after I left to watch it since 6-7 months

    1. I second your opinion. I also don’t watch except new shows that is also only for three weeks or max three months.

    2. Kalpana

      I agree with you totally… Just when we think story is progressing finally, the evil people do something and its back to square one… Useless to watch serials… Movies are better… Will get over in 3 hours!

  2. i am not able to read this spoiler of 22nd due unsupported updates so do some thing by then we can able to read spoiler

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