Spoilers — 22nd January 2016


Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Vibhuti ji writes Angoori’s name on the wall and gets caught by Angoori and Tiwari. Someone writes bad things about Angoori. Angoori scolds him and hates him. Vibhuti says I have not done this. He tells them that he did not write bad about Angoori. Anita gets disappointed as well.

Mere Angne Mein:

Media comes at Shanti Sadan. Sarla gets to now there is treasure in Shanti Sadan. She throws celebrity tantrums and talks to everyone. The people come there to take treasure. Sarla dreams to get treasure. She gets a pot and runs. She does not give it to anyone. There is just coconut and water inside that pot, which will ruin Sarla’s dreams.

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Dharam-Meera angle to bring major twists

Gayatri to support Rana ji in his repentance

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