Spoilers — 21st September 2015



Meera has married Dharam. Dharam shows his rude angry side to Meera. Meera warns Dharam and asks him to leave from her room. Dharam scolds Meera and pushes her. He asks her to get lost from his sight. He says Meera will have to pay for her doings. Dharam asks her not to think they can have any relation. Meera knows this marriage is just to show Modi family and take revenge from them. She was thinking to rule in her inlaws. Dharam pushes her on the ground and yells on her. Meera asks did he go mad and argues. Meera has broken her family’s heart and now she is scared of Dharam.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi dearly misses Pragya. Abhi talks to the doll. He makes the doll wear the specs like Pragya and assumes the doll to be Pragya. Pragya takes care of him seeing him drunk and upset. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and tells her how much he misses his old Pragya. Abhi wants Pragya to become like before, he feels Pragya is lost in glamour world, he is unable to bear her new changes. Abhi confesses love to Pragya and hugs her. He is actually drunk and loses his senses and annoyance too.

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Yuvraaj to oppose Bhavna and Rishi’s marriage in Suhani Si…

Viplav to realize his feelings for Dhaani; to give name to his love….

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  1. Diya aur batee hum spoiler plzzzzzzzzz

  2. plz swaragini… update

  3. Update swaragini fast guys

  4. Cute kkb spoiler waiting for tip episode. Tis is my long wait .100000000000000000000000000000000 like for tis kkb’s spoiler

  5. I amazed by the current track in saathiya. Sisters becoming saas bahu that is totally unheard of .this serial is crossing all the rational limits

  6. Saath nibhana saathiya is such a stupid serial i have ever seen…crossing all the limits story is going useless with saas-bahu relation among sisters…stop the serial

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