Spoilers — 21st October 2015



During Navrathi celebrations, Meera asks Kokila to come and make her wear anklet. Gopi slaps her hard making her realize her place. Meera become egoistic and misbehaves with Kokila which doesn’t go well with Gopi. Gaura invites everyone for Navrathi celebrations, but when they reach to her house, Gaura and Meera tries to insult Kokila and her family. Meera asks Gopi to make her wear anklet. Gopi makes her wear anklet on her foot. Meera insists Kokila to make her wear anklet on the other foot which makes Gopi angry. Gopi thinks Gaura realizes her mistake and becomes good. Gaura and Kokila’s family play dandiya with each other. It is yet to be seen who wins in the dandiya raas.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya gets the mediclaim form from her office as per as the benefits she is getting. Riya gives the form to Shanti and asks her to use the medical benefits. Raghav gets touched seeing this and says Shivam’s choice was right. He gets proud of Riya, seeing her respecting Shanti so much. Shanti then decides to spoil Riya’s image infront of Raghav. Shanti feels Riya is trying to win the family and end her domination.

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