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Ishani cries and is sent to Nirbhay’s room by the family. Ritika blackmails Ishani and has made her act as Nirbhay’s wife. Ritika and Nirbhay are torturing Ishani. Nirbhay announces that Ishani is his wife, though they did not marry. People assume that Ishani is Nirbhay’s wife. Ishani is bearing Ritika and Nirbhay’s torture for Ranveer. Ishani resists and they blackmail about sending Ranveer to jail again or kill him. Nirbhay hates her and wants to trouble her a lot.


Ragini is having rest while making others work. Ragini’s misbehavior is getting high. She has thrown water on Annapurna’s face and also the dusting cloth. She insults Annapurna. Ragini says I m bad and I will insult them. Sanskaar and Laksh get angry and insult Ragini. Sanskaar says it was getting worse, she can’t insult his family. Sanskaar throws water on Ragini’s face. Ragini says she will give him an answer. She throws the things and spoils the floor, asking Annapurna to clean it. Sanskaar and Laksh got together to stand against Ragini.

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  1. Oh no. What is matsh spoiler. Ranvi understand the situation and ur favor need to ishani. Don’t get angry on ishani. Nibhray u r a new villian.

  2. Pta nahi ye writer Ragini ko kitna girayenge ayr kitna bad bnayenge

  3. dey spoil the swaragini by expanding the drama of ragini ….swara can treanten her by saying she will sent her jail too for attemt to murder of swara n end up diz drama

  4. sasural simar ka- supernatural drama never ending
    swaragini- fighting and fighting
    meri aashiqi tumse hi- only ishveer separation
    udan- dragging story and nothing
    balika vadhu- never ending

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