Spoilers — 20th October 2016


Raman and Ishita are getting married. Raman will marry Ishita in Tamilian style. Iyers and Bhallas will be competing in the dance competition of Madrasi and Bhangra dance. They decide the clothes and make teams. Iyers and Bhallas start fighting over the old and new songs.

Naagin Season 2:

Yamini has covered her face and has gone to kill Shivanya. She catches Shivanya and holds her neck. Yamini stabs Shivanya and kills her. Shivanya was helpless and could not defend the attack. This happens to be Yamini’s dreams. Sesha comes and breaks Yamini’s dream. She understands what was Yamini dreaming. Yamini says Shivanya does not know I m alive, she will get a big shock seeing me. She wants Shivanya to see her and goes after her.

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Ishqbaaz added.

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  1. Sally_V


    |Registered Member

    Why do they have to make naira hear gayu damn it’s not how it supposed to be..
    hope naira doesn’t become a maahaan :/

      • Sally_V


        |Registered Member

        i know at the end kaira will be together then why not now ? why to bring gayu in between? hope kartik tells the truth to gayu so that she atleast know that he doesn’t love her ^^..
        btw didn’t they mention that naira would confess her love to kartik and the whole family will hear it and that akshara/naitik would have a hard time to console her??

  2. Cuteprincess


    |Registered Member

    ishqbaaz spoilers were shocking…but the shivika part was too nice..mr.sso when will you recognize that you have fallen in deep love with anika…listen to your heart once man…

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