Spoilers — 20th December 2016


Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to go on earth and help Santoshi. Gaumata takes human form and comes to Dhairya’s house. She asks Dhairya to help her, as she is in need of work. Dhairya hires her for work. Gaumata meets Santoshi. Trishna asks Santoshi does she know Gaumata. Gaumata calls up Mahila mandal home to help Santoshi and free her of Dhairya’s tortures. Devi Paulmi has sent her creation Trishna to ruin Santoshi’s life.

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Both the POW’s wives get tired of the circumstances. Harleen signs on the divorce papers. She tells Indira that Sartaj will come back to her very soon and holds belief. Sartaj is unaware of Indira’s truth. Sartaj wants to prove his trust to Indira and marry her, but Indira has others plans of getting the secrets out. Salim tries hard to unite Imaan and Nazneen, but fails miserably. Imaan is hurt knowing Nazneen and Salim’s relation did not form because of him and feels guilty.

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  2. Again the so called “ishqbaaz spoilers”! Really frustrated with this…..

    1. If u have no interest in it, just plz avoid it. But y u care about it, there is no need for frustrating..

    2. Sally_V

      If you don’t like the spoiler don’t read it but please don’t let your frustration come here -.- …

      1. Oh wow! So easy to put all the blame on me. Mind you, you are ishqbaaz fans please see the show with your eyes. There’s no point in watching a story if the whole suspence is broken at first. Let’s not watch tv when we have everything available in net- Telly spoilers! The main joy of watching a show lies in love screening and taking out time from the busy schedule and cherishing few moments with the family….just my opinion; didn’t want to hurt anyone through my words if you find them wrong.

  3. Beyhadh spoilers pls…

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