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Spoilers – 1st June 2015



Dansh and Dakshak make a deal with Rudra that he will be freeing Bhairavi if he gets the third book for the Naags, which is placed under the Kalash that could be lifted by Garuda head. Rudra agrees and Dansh brings Bhairavi in unconscious state. Rudra heads with the Naags and goes inside the tunnel being helpless to unite the Garudas. He lifts the kalash and gets the third book of Amrit’s secrets.


Bhabhimaa has forgiven Akshara finally. All this happened by Naksh’s efforts. While Akshara and Naitik were leaving, Bhabhimaa stops her calling her bahu. She apologizes to her for misunderstanding her for 10 years and keeping her away from the family. Bhabhimaa reaches the airport and asks them to come back home. The emotional moments come between them. Naksh and Naira get glad, that they are not going back to Cape Town. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa not to apologize and thanks her for forgiving her.

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  1. Finally bhabhimaa…..

  2. masth just madly waiting

  3. very good spoiler of yrkkh loved it

  4. kkb plz

    1. What is kkb

      1. kumkum bhagya

  5. Finally Shagun!!!

  6. Thank God bhabhumaa’s drama has ended…….now there will be some love story of sanju yash and nakash

  7. wow saathiya’s news is great and bad news for shastri sisters

  8. Nauc plzzz

  9. Now believing my eyes that dumbheads always rocks with their choices..watching bullshitting stories of yrrkh nd snake…

    God help us…!!


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