Spoilers — 1st January 2016


Sarla takes the stick to beat up Devanshi, blaming her for Omi’s arrest. Sarla says Devanshi brought bad fate for them. Vardaan comes to Devanshi’s rescue and warns Sarla not to look at Devanshi badly, if she hurts Devanshi, then none will be worse than him. He asks Sarla not to even think of hurting Devanshi now. Sarla is very annoyed with Devanshi. Vardaan saves Devanshi from Sarla.

May I Come In Madam:

Sanjana sleepwalks and steals Kashmira’s new saree and sandals, which create a problem for Sajan. Later, Sajan thinks of an idea to become cook at Sanjana’s home. He comes to Sanjana’s home as Sajan’s brother Durjan. Sajan turns to Durjan and tries to win Sanjana’s heart. Kashmira and Ramwati come there. Sajan gets stuck between his two roles.

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