Monday Spoilers — 1st February 2016


Gayatri and Rageshwari have a fight near the mandap. Gayatri is anger on her sautan and fights with her. Rana ji stops their catfight and angrily leaves from there. Gayatri gets a gun and stops Rageshwari. Gayatri threatens her to stop the marriage. Rageshwari pulls Gayatri’s hair and they fight. Rana ji and Rageshwari get married. Rageshwari has become Rana ji’s third wife. Rageshwari says I m now married to Rana ji and will ruin Rana ji and Gayatri.

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Swara gets a proof finally. Swara goes to Maasi’s room and checks the cupboard. Swara got the mask, by which Maasi ji is scaring Sumi. Maasi was making family scared of Janki’s ghost. The family does not know this truth, so they all behave normal. Sanskaar comes home and pampers Swara with many shagun gifts. Swara is disturbed and wants to find out why Maasi is doing this. The moment is happy, but Swara is lost. Swara wants to know who is helping Maasi in troubling Sumi.

Tashan E Ishq Alert

Siya Ke Ram spoiler

TPK spoiler

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  1. i hate etretr spoilers today onwards i will not watch that show becoz that show has already become worst

  2. Yaar guys…..tei alert is super awesome….thnxxxxxx so muuuucccchhh….tu…???

  3. I totally agree with you @Ranaji! I loved ETRETR soooo much! An they mana fed to spoil that show!! I cannot believe that rags and Ranaji will ACTUALLY GRT MARRIED!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!???


  5. This spoiler for ETRETR make me lose interest on the show instantly! No reason to watch again…it is officially like every other serial, there is nothing making it special again.

  6. Agni paricha with hot coal in matsh. I really excitted. Oh my ishani swt doll .

  7. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    thank u so much for giving spoilers for Siya ke ram………………..

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