Spoilers 19th October 2017

Meri Durga:

Durga gets happy when she sees her family supporting her again. Yashpal tells the media that Durga deserves a second chance. The officers don’t agree to give any chance to Durga as she has taken the wrong step to prove her talent. The sports ministry does voting to decide about Durga’s career. Everyone has different opinion on supporting Durga. Vipul gets the duty to take the final call on Durga. He realizes his mistake to stop Durga from getting the wild card entry before. Vipul apologizes to Durga. He gives her the wild card entry in the inter district race, which makes Durga happy.


Avni tells a secret to Mishti. She makes a plan and tells her to fight with her in front of Vidyut, so that he doesn’t know about their friendly. She tells she will scold her and do a drama to win the game. She finds Mishti scared. Avni learns Vidyut locks Mishti in room and scares her. She tries to know about Mishti. Mishti tells Vidyut doesn’t love her. Avni teaches her plan to Mishti.

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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

Meri Durga

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