Spoilers – 19th August 2015


Swara reaches the Baadi with Sanskar after their marriage. Everyone is shocked to see them wearing garlands. However Maheshwari family accepts the newly weds. Ragini gets shocked, but pretends to be happy with Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Swara enters Maheshwari house and her grah pravesh is done. Sujata isn’t happy with the marriage. This is just a plan by Swara and they are not actually married. Although Ragini has married Laksh, but is not happy with her married life. She tries to woo Laksh. Swara is seen with Sanskar. There is a cold war between the two sisters. While Swara is trying to expose Ragini, Ragini makes all possible things and acts goody goody to hide her doings.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan gets to know about Thapki landing in that cheap hotel and saves her from the racket in nick of the time. He takes Thapki from there and gets to know Vasundara’s lie about Dhruv’s Mama to stay in that hotel. Bihaan finds out about Vasundara buying the spirit bottle from the chemist shop and gets to know Vasundara’s intentions to stop Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage.

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Bihaan turns Thapki’s savior and her life partner

Neil & Ragini to marry for shouldering family responsibilities in IKNMP…

Contradictions to begin post Riya’s entry in Mere Angne Mein

Titu’s tribute act to Mehmood ji turns victorious in Tu Mera Hero

Leap brings an evil revenge story yet again in Qubool Hai


    • Nisha

      arrey yaar… just saw the promos of that horrible non sense… it was still showing effing still of creepy actors standing still.. I guess they want to eff users brains completely… yaar how do you even watch that crap? what about your work productivity or relationships with others? dont they get affected by this crap destroying neurons of your brain?

  1. riya

    this qubool hai serial god i dnt knw when this show started.its really disgustng guys.its high time that you end it.plzzz dnt keep on dragng like this.

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