Spoilers 18th May 2017

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Arbind meets Kanak and tells her something shocking, that Bhabho has herself named the shop Kanak Mishtaan Bhandaar to Uma Shankar, Uma is not fraud, the papers are genuine and Bhabho’s sign is not forged by anyone. He tells Kanak that Bhabho has signed the papers, there would be some mystery behind this. Kanak gets a huge shock and wonders how she landed in a forced marriage to get Bhabho’s shop, but now this revelation came in front. Arbind asks Kanak to go Pushkar and tell everything the truth.


Suraj is taking much care of Imli. Chakor comes to hospital. She sees Suraj with Imli. Suraj and Imli meet the doctor. Suraj asks Imli to sit well. Imli was hurt, and feared for the child. Suraj asks doctor how is the child. Doctor says baby is fine. Suraj tells doctor that he is the father of the child. He introduces himself. Chakor is not able to see them together. She gets jealous and leaves from there. Suraj and Imli get worried.

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  1. More of ishqbaaz spoilers please

  2. RIP dayavanti Mehta from naamkaran.
    A villian on screen but a sweet person at heart.
    She passed away today early morning with fatal heart attack.
    We have lost a great actress today
    May your journey be peaceful..
    Rest in peace….
    From all the views of naamkaran serial.

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