Spoilers — 18th March 2016


Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi makes a shocking entry in the holi party. Abhi covers his face and shoots in air. Abhi scares Pragya and makes her dance. Abhi says I m Mumbai’s gabbar and demands cash from the manager. Manager requests him to let everyone go. Abhi then demands to make Pragya dance. Abhi aims at Purab and makes Pragya dance. Abhi shows his face and applies holi to Pragya. He laughs and teases her.


Dharam makes Meera jealous. He picks the holi colors and goes towards Meera. Meera feels shy and waits for Dharam to apply color on her, but Dharam goes passes her and fills Durga’s maang and applies colors on her face. He tells Meera that Durga is his wife and asks her to apply color on his face. Durga gets happy and feels on cloud nine when he asks her to apply color on his face. Meera feels very much bad and gets heartbroken. Dharam teases Meera and asks if she is crying as he filled Durga’s maang.

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  1. wellwisher (ww) swadarsh fan

    Dehleez and Siya ke ram Spoilers plllllzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………

  2. Siya ke Ram spoiler plzzz

  3. What the heck where are swaragini spoilers

  4. I am sorry to ask this but isn’t siya ki ram is our same old Ramayana? Is there anything new? I Dont watch it but many are eager abt tat so asked

    1. no ramya once you see it you forget the original Ramayana ,it will be soooooooooo different.

      1. I mean due to god’s craze Siya married Ram they didn’t bring the change in it.

    2. Siya k Ram is the Ramayan story itself but from the perpective of siya..from the eye of siya.. The religious history cannot change. Just the way of showing the story is a bit different.


      we all know ramayana dear but due we know each n every thing happened in there life? no na thats why…………… n no sorry.. many will be having this doubt i think so……… so nothing wrong in asking it…………

  5. Siya ke ram pls

  6. Saada Haq spoilers please

  7. Where is the saath Nibhana Saathiya’s story going ?? Meera and Dharam.. God what happened to the CV’s ?? Why are they making a girl fall with an old man ?? Meera and Dharam’s marriage won’t be valid as Daram’s first wife is s till alive.. Meera will be another woman in his life..

    This is the worst serial….

  8. Thank u janu and alisha

  9. guys even I don’t want to hurt you but in no ramayan siya dreams of ram to be her husband,and in the dasavathar of Vishnu,ram is just a human who develops by his holiness.but in the serial they are showing ,over empasisimg the story.and kaikeyhi was not that bad as if they show,she became possessive for her son only after mandira’s word. I am sorry to saybut it is not vision of siya,it is the wrong vision of the producers.


      no dear u r wrong. before marriage sita n ram had meet n wished to get married……….. n of course their correctly portraying kaikeyi. she before mantra spoils her mind in both real n in the show she had immense love for ram……………

      1. ho could you send me the version of Ramayana were Siya met Ram and fall in love.if you can please.in the version I have read,they will look at each other and feels a bit connected.and in siya ki ram,when they show kaikeyi’s reaction after ram’s entry after marriage,I think it us not the love or affection.sorry to say it is a unique adaption .


      of course di…….. i dont have the link but in valmiki’s ramayana n many other adaptations n movies n serilas n from my granny too i had heard that before marriage both of them meet n felt some connection between them………….. but kaikeyi will love ram till mantra spoils her…………. that to when raj abishek started only….. she will get fearful only when mantra that too when mantra provokes herby telling that kaushalya would make her daasi n will kick her out of ayodhya……………..

  10. Arey yaar
    Where is ashoka spoiler

  11. how can dharam use durga to tease meera….he is doing wrong with durga to get meera. he is filling hope in durga’s heart

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