Spoilers — 18th July 2016



Yash and Rose’s marriage is happening. Martha does the kanyadaan. Akshara and Rajshri get emotional as they also regarded Rose as their daughter. Yash and Rose take wedding rounds. The couple takes blessings of everyone. Naksh hugs Rose and Yash. Rose’s bidaai makes everyone cry.


Tanu has died in the show. Rishi is going mad in her memory and tries to commit suicide. He decides to end his life than dying a thousand times every day. He ties Tanu’s dupatta and makes a loop, so get hanged. Tanu’s soul comes there and stops Rishi. They have a sweet conversation wherein she encourages him to move on in life. They both have a beautiful dance. The distance between them is hurting Rishi. There will be a leap in the show. Rishi says I know no Lord or power can get Tanu back, but Tanu has taken a rebirth to reach Rishi and complete their love story.

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