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Dharam loves Meera and is mad about her. He asks if she loves him. Dharam wants Meera to confess her love to him and writes her name written on his hand with a knife. Meera is teary eyes looking at Dharam’s madness. She tries to stop him. Dharam asks her to confess love repeatedly. Meera is falling for Dharam and is loving him slowly. She couldn’t believe that anyone can love her so madly. Meera got Dharam freed from police station. Dharam believes that Meera loves him, but is not confessing love. Sona and Tolu’s reception is going on downstairs and Meera and Dharam’s drama continues in room.


Raman beats Ashok’s brother infront of everyone. Raman is back in angry avatar and beats his enemy. Raman is angry as Suraj went to Vandita’s college to blacken her face, but Shagun enters there and tells the people standing there that Suraj is a cheap business man. Suraj wants to take revenge. Raman also comes there with Bala and Ishita and beats Suraj angrily. Suraj gets his face blackened by the eunuchs on the road. Raman and Ishita look on. Suraj was troubling Vandu. Mihika and Romi take the pics. Suraj feels humiliated and does not know Mihika and Romi planned all this.

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  2. sns ho Disgusting! Old man & a teenage

  3. such a worst spoilers for etretr i started hating that show

  4. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    Disgusting. Yes…Meera and Dharam..yuk…Though Dharam is 37Yrs in real life , his character in SNS portraits him to be about 50yrs where Meera is about 20-21yrs…Since when Indian soap operas became so disgusting. And on top of that Having Dharam’s wife (Shravan’s Mother) at home, Dharam is still after Meera and that is like a Romantic Thriller serial cos Dharam is punishing himself Meera etc etc etc.. And I feel that writers want Vidya to support Meera. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya is watched by viewers aging 12-85yrs. So I think writers should really take it a note and omit these akinds of things from the serial. Because of this Meera+Dharam scene, now it has started difficult to watch with my children.
    Rashmi Sharma + Santosh Singh – This comment is for you..Please read

  5. very bad don’t join meera and dharam.pls this is the request

  6. Pls pls pls pls dream girl and zindagi abi baki hai mere ghost

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