Spoilers – 18th December 2015



Gaura tells Dharam that Meera tried to burn her alive and threw petrol on her. It is Gaura’s conspiracy to make Meera and Dharam fight with each other. Meera comes to know about Gaura’s truth. She has challenged Gaura and is taking small revenges from her. Gaura sprinkles petrol on herself and then gives match sticks box in Meera’s hands asking her to burn candles. Meera takes the match sticks without knowing her plan. Gaura then calls Dharam, and Shravan and blames Meera for trying to burn her. Meera pleads that she is innocent and asks them to believe her. Dharam and Shravan trust Gaura. Then Meera plays a trick suddenly shocking everyone. Meera tells Gaura that she loves Dharam very much and hugs him.


Swara is leaving the house after saying bye to everyone. She vows to return home and to make everything right. Ragini checks Swara’s bag and finds her few clothes and family photo frame which she breaks angrily. Swara shouts at Ragini and picks the family photo from the floor.Everyone looks on helplessly and couldn’t go against Ragini’s wish. Swara wishes someone stops her and hugs the family while shedding tears. Ragini has become a wall between Swara and the family. She wants to ruin their happiness.

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  1. Omg! what is an Matsh spoiler. Nirbhay is a new vilian. And he use ishani is a new maid. Disguesting. Ranvi did that accident and hit to nirbhay wife. So nirbhay take revenge on ranvi.

  2. Why just can’t they allow swasan 2b 1

  3. Writers of Swaragini,please look at the number of fan fictions on swaragini,please think for a moment what the reason is,well clear reason is love for the pair SWASAN but a point to be noted is that with the number of characters in Swaragini there is a lot of scope for a wonderful daily soap ,please stop this negativity and start a positive Swaragini, don’t let Tejaswi to quit,a brilliant actress will be lost,Swasan love track is what people are eagerly waiting for, but fed up of lag in MATSH ,don’t follow that track and also the supernatural drama like you do with your production SSK.Swaragini fan fictions will give you matter for 100 plus good episodes.Stop this irritating and boring track.

  4. Yeh vaada raha is much better than MATSH, I switched to that from 10 to 10.30.

  5. wow……super…..

  6. I totally agree with shwetha..instead of seeing swaragini i love to read their ff

  7. kya hain yar yeh ishveer ka

  8. Agree with shwetha. Swaragini ff much better.

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