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Meri Durga:

Aarti complains about Durga to Sanjay’s mum Gayatri, who happens to belong to a royal family. Sanjay’s parents have a strong political background. They are against Sanjay’s friendship with Durga. Neelkant and Gayatri advice Sanjay to stay away from Durga. Sanjay gets angered knowing Gayatri expelled Durga from college. He takes a stand for Durga. He keeps his demands to take Durga back in college, else he will also discontinue his studies and join Durga at her vegetable stall. Gayatri finally agrees to Sanjay and decides to let Durga continue her studies in their college. Rajveer regains his memory and strength.


Avni is protecting Neil’s life from Dayavanti. Shweta and Bebe realize that Avni is the protection shield for Neil. Bebe falls in Avni’s feet and apologizes. Avni asks Bebe to get up. Bebe says I know my mistake can’t be forgiven, if possible, forgive me. She tells Shweta that Neil is alive because of Avni, we should learn from Avni and Neela how to raise children well. Bebe makes Shweta apologize to Avni.

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