Spoilers — 16th November 2015



Kokila gains consciousness. Jigar calls the Doctor. Kokila gets up and asks the doctor to call Ahem. Hetal says he will come now. Kokila asks where is he and asks her to call him. Gopi’s prayers are answered and Kokila gets well, but she calls for Ahem. Doctor asks her to calm down. Kokila continuously asks for Ahem and asks where did he go. It is a very serious situation as Kokila was unconscious since many days. She gets worried for her son and felt something wrong is going to happen with him. It is like telepathy between mother and son. She goes to Gaura’s house with Jigar and Hetal in hospital dress itself.


Sarojini is in disguise of a sardar. Somendra is kidnapped. She came to save her Somendra in disguise of a sardar so that nobody can recognize her. Sarojini with much difficulty gets successful in her mission. Sarojini reaches Somendra. Somendra hugs Sarojini. Mannu says she will kill Somendra, while Sarojini is ready to die for Somendra. She comes infront of Somendra to save his life. Dushyant asks Sarojini to shoot Mannu. He hands over the gun to Sarojini.

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Raman to know Simmi’s meet with Ashok…

Mega Twist: Ahem to die or survive?

Sarojini to shoot Mannu; Somendra to be rescued…

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  1. Yet another kidnapping in swaragini…too much.

  2. Seriously yaar that video of swaragni was too funny.hahaha.

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