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Raman tells Ishita that he don’t love her anymore, and is dead for him 7 years ago. Ishita is shocked. Their love story have turned to hatred. Raman tells her that he doesn’t want to see her around him. Ishita have returned to him, but he thinks her guilty and makes it clear that he will not let her come back in his life again. They are against each other because of Ruhaan. Ruhaan has signed contract with both of them.


Meera gives invitation to Dharam for her second wedding and asks him to let her do her sangeet at Suryavanshi’s home. Meera is marrying her ex boyfriend Sanskar. Dharam is heart broken after Gaura went to jail and Durga died. Meera makes Dharam jealous and handover the marriage invitation in his hand as he kicked her out of the house. Meera’s plan will be successful and Dharam calls Meera back in his life.

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  3. Why is is that Ishita feels she is at fault??come on Ishita you are human too and fon’t forget it was Raman who wanted you to exchange Ruhi for your baby..remember! so why is Raman being selfish rude arrogant?He is at Fault too..why noon blames him?If he wants to marry Shagun let him…Shagun..you gave up your guy for Raman and not for Pihu..as other family members could have bought up pihu like Santoshi and Simmi..Shagun you haven’t changed a bit have some shame.Raman whats your problem? you created your own hole ..your words are nasty..no woman should have to listen to this crap.You had Pihu and both the families but Ishita endured her pain and cared for a friend last 7 yrs.Ruhi and Abhishak had a destroyed life for 7 yrs.So Raman whats your excuse.Ramans actions are NOT justified.Why is Ishita to blame???what for staying away for 7 yrs..let not forget..she was/still under arrest..she lost her dtr Ruhi…she was blamed and called bangh and selfish mother by Raman…she lived with this guilt all alone..So again Raman whats your excuse?!You choose your pain so live with it.As and when Ruhi comes into their lives…Raman are you going to run to Ishita? and Ishita are you going to forgive Raman..Broken hearts cannot be amended..as Raman has gone tooo far with his nasty tongue ….Writers it will be very hard to justify Raman and Ishita coming together now..gone to far with nasty rude arrogant Raman.

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