Spoilers 16th July 2018 Revised

Jiji Maa:
Falguni surprises Suyash. He can’t believe that his prayers for answered, and Falguni regained her memory. They have a moment. Falguni hugs him. Suyash gets emotional and cries out. He tells her that he is really happy, as he didn’t expect this so soon. Suyash tells her that they should make a new start now. They celebrate their anniversary. Suyash invites the kids to bring a smile on Falguni’s face. He doesn’t want Falguni to cry again. They visit the temple and remarries Falguni once again. Niyati gets emotional seeing them. Suyash makes a vow that he will always keep Falguni happy.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

KK imagines Prabhakar confronting him for murdering him and gets tensed. They destroy all files of reddy corporation before the IT raid. Anushka and Vedant’s engagement gets fixed. On the day of engagement, Siddhant gets Vedant’s video in which he is confessing his evil plan behind marrying Anushka. He tells that his motive is to get KK’s wealth and power through Anushka. Anushka thinks she is sacrificing her love and moving ahead for everyone’s happiness. She hopes Siddhant stops her engagement with Vedant.

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