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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay learns about Bulbul and Aaliya. He gets the information from Vasu. Vijay wants to find them. Vasu reveals the truth, why Bulbul was protecting Aaliya. She reveals the address of Aaliya’s aunt, where Bulbul took her. She apologizes to him for hiding it till now. He asks her not to get scared, he won’t scold her, he is thankful that she came ahead to help him. He asks her to maintain peace at home. Vasu was helping Bulbul in hiding Aaliya. Vijay has to find Bulbul so that he can expose true intentions of Aaliya’s parents.

Piyaa Albela:

Angraj makes Anuj worried about Pooja and threatens to kill Naren before the night ends and get Pooja. He instigates him to take a wrong step. Anuj shoots him in order to save Naren. Naren shoots back at Anuj’s chest. Pooja gets shocked. Angraj suffers bullet injury on his hand and falls off from the terrace. Pooja asks Naren to help her take Anuj to the hospital, but Naren runs to save his brother. Pooja gets shocked. She loses Anuj while Vyas Family loses Angraj and blames Pooja for his death. It is yet to be seen if the mastermind can die so soon. Pooja does Anuj’s last rites, after Naren and his family break all ties with her.

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