Spoilers — 14th January 2016



Sona has married Tolu, but family did not support them. Now fake Kokila accepts Sona happily and starts the pre marriage rituals for Sona and Tolu. She tells Gopi and Ahem that they should welcome Sona and Tolu with happiness. Sona does not care if anyone is against her, as she has Kokila on her side. Hetal scolds Sona. Gopi and Ahem do not know what is happening. Meera cries as Dharam’s truth is out. Meera tells family that Dharam is innocent and feels sorry for him. Meera realizes her mistake. Kokila has forgot Meera’s problems and celebrating Sona’s happiness. This irks Gopi and everyone. They all don’t get happy by this forced events.


Raman and Ishita are happy and celebrates Lohri in the chaddha house. They think about Rohit and hope that they will find Rohit’s parents or clue leading them to them. They reminiscence their first lohri after marriage. On the other hand, Sarika has fallen in problem. Ishita troubles her and makes her stay in Bhalla house tough. Raman and Ishita does not let Sarika get water to clean her face, while Sarika screams for water to wash off soap lather.

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