Spoilers – 13th July 2016



Bhuvan has done Chakor’s last rites infront of her. Chakor cries and asks Kasturi and Bhuvan not to do this. Kasturi asks Chakor why did she marry Suraj. Chakor lies that she loves Suraj. Bhuvan gets very angry and shouts on Chakor. Chakor loses her parents.


Gopi tells Kokila that they have lost. She asks Dr. Krishna to show the pictures. He shows the pics on projector shocking Gopi. They have designed the saree well. Dr. Krishna made the presentation all night and hopes client Rama like the presentation. Dr. Krishna suggests Gopi, Kokila and all the women associated with their business to do modelling wearing the sarees. Gopi wins the contract for Gujarati sarees order, as she holds an amazing fashion show.
Later, Gopi dances during Sona’s goad bharayi and hugs her. Even Vidya and Meera joins her with Tolu. Urmila dances with them happily. Paridhi is upto some conspiracy. Urmila senses that something is wrong.

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Kumkum Bhagya

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