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Sasural Simar Ka:

Rahul romances Avni. Avni shoos him away. He asks her if she is really thinking of marrying Piyush. She asks him not to let anyone see them together. He says I love you so much, but you always get away. She has no answer for Rahul. She deals with her feelings. On the other hand, Simar tells Piyush that Avni will become his friend forever, they will be marrying and from now on, he has to protect Avni’s respect. She explains Piyush how life partners support each other. Piyush takes the wedding invitation card to surprise Avni. He finds Avni.


Susheel’s Mu dikhai gets a twist. Leela tears the shagun saree and troubles Susheel. But, Susheel manages to staple the curtain cloth to the saree. She manages to don the ghunghat and come for Mu-dikhai. Leela finds Susheel’s smartness. She keeps the mirror and asks the ladies to see Susheel’s face in the mirror. She wants to give a twist to the function. Leela wants Susheel to cook food for everyone. Kali tells everyone that Susheel is not good in household chores, she may not know cooking, but she is good in sports, that’s why Satya likes her.

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