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Roop: Roop wins the push-up challenge although Ranvir tries to make him lose. Ranvir decides to reveal to Ishika and Roop that Rupesh is fine. He comes to Kanchan and Rupesh’s room and tells them that Ishika is very beautiful and that’s why his heart doesn’t agree to leave her. He still gets dreams of Ishika. He even named her Kesar jalebi with love. Rupesh gets angry and slaps him hard. Ishika and Roop come there and see Rupesh standing on his feet. Ishika asks Rupesh if he got fine and gets happy. Roop confronts Ranvir for his evil planning.

Sir ji doesn’t want a brothel girl to become his Bahu. Ronak hopes that Sir ji stops the marriage and reveals the truth to Gayatri. He takes a big risk and asks Sir ji to tell Gayatri about stopping the marriage. Sir ji asks him to do the honors and speak up the truth. Ronak and Muskaan’s plan gets failing. Gayatri wishes the wedding rounds to complete soon, so that Ronak and Muskaan get married by all the rituals and customs. Ronak doesn’t know how to shatter Gayatri’s happiness.

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Kumkum Bhagya


Mariam Khan


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kulfi Kumar Bajewala


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