Spoilers 12th January 2018 Revised

Sasural Simar Ka:

Police informs Bharadwaj family about Roshni’s death. Prem and Simar get a big shock. Inspector tells them that they didn’t get Roshni’s dead body, but there are no chances of her survival after she has fallen down the cliff. Piyush loses his temper and shouts on police. He threatens of committing suicide. He believes Roshni is fine. He wants to go and find Roshni. Simar and Prem try to stop him. Piyush tells them that Roshni is calling him. They all try to explain Piyush. Prem and Sameer catch hold of Piyush and take the knife away. Prem ties up Piyush and locks him in the room.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara makes a wicked plan against Falguni. She tells Shom that she is organizing a peace puja just to execute her planning. She wants to hurt Falguni. She knows Falguni is getting famous and earning money just by her talents. She tells Shom that Falguni is able to work and make unique designs just by her hands, and if Falguni loses her hands, all her talent will go waste getting stuck in just her mind. She makes a plan to injure Falguni’s hands, so that Falguni never dares to work.

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Piyaa Albela

Jiji Maa

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Dil Se Dil Tak

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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

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