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Gayatri has come back in Rana ji’s life. Rana ji dreams of Gayatri and is disturbed in sleep. Gayatri comes to his room. He gets up from sleep and sees her. He catches her neck and says you can’t be Gayatri, who are you. Rana ji is confused, a secret plan is going on. She asks him to leave her and struggles. Lakhan comes there and gets shocked. He makes a vase fall and Gayatri hides quickly. Rageshwari comes there with Badi Rani Maa. They think Rana ji has gone mad in Gayatri’s love. Rana ji says I have touched Gayatri, she was here, I m not mad. Gayatri gets sad seeing him and leaves.

Siya Ke Ram:
Kaikeyi asks Mantra to tell her the solution to get Bharat’s Raj tilak done instead of Ram. Mantra says there is just one solution, the Kumbh bhavan. Kaikeyi gets shocked and goes ahead to Dasharath with her plans. When Sita realizes that Kaikeyi is against his Rajya Tilak, Sita gets confused. Ram tells Kaikeyi that she should have told him if this was the matter, and he would have made easier for Kaikeyi. Ram happily agrees to go to vanvaas.

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