Spoilers 10th May 2017


Jaggi risks his life to save kids. Jaggi falls in water, and gets electrocuted. The kids shout to Gopi. Jaggi asks them to stay away. Gopi saves Jaggi on right time. She makes Jaggi sit on wheelchair. Ricky’s Daimaa has done this to kill Jaggi. Daimaa hides from everyone’s sight. Daimaa is seeking revenge from Gopi and Jaggi, as they made Ricky’s life hell. Jaggi gets sad and blames himself for not saving the kids well.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush left from home as Kaal. Piyush needed some place to stay, and went to Anjali’s house. He reacts normal as Piyush, and takes Vikram’s support. Vikram feels Piyush’s behavior weird, and tells Anjali that he should take Piyush home. Piyush then returns home, which surprises everyone. Anjali and Vikram get Piyush home. Piyush asks Simar what’s the matter, why are they all seeing him this way.

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