Spoilers — 10th December 2016


Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Jaggi tells Urvashi that he is going to do new work of truck driving now. Urvashi worries. He asks her to forget what happened 5 years ago. Gopi hears them and asks what is their secret. Urvashi gets worried and tries to hide the matter from Gopi. Kokila comes and tells Gopi that Jaggi is Ahem’s murderer. Kokila slaps Jaggi and scolds him with the blame that he has killed her son Ahem. Jaggi gets in shock by the blame, not the slap. Jaggi can’t believe it himself. Kokila and the entire family get against Jaggi for killing Modi heir Ahem.


Raina runs with the herbs and tries reaching Rishabh. Sanjay comes infront of her and tries to stop her. Brahmarakshas has come to stop Raina. Raina has the herbs which can save Rishabh’s life, and got this Mohini’s last weapon has come. Raina has tried to stop the devil. He snatches the herbs from him. Raina begs to him to return the herbs, else Rishabh will die, she badly needs it. Brahmarakshas tries to drink the herbs. Some powers stop the devil and herb gets back to Raina. Raina runs with the herbs.

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  1. Amalina

    Go Kartik! Punish Naira….

    1. Yeah exactly

  2. Why did kokila say that she never lies because I’m the other program she lied about the heart attack

  3. When kokila said that she never lied she lied on the other episode about the heart attack

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