BIG SORRY…. For what I’m supposing it is given at the end…. PLZ READ THIS FULL WITH PATIENCE….
I don’t know how many people wish to read these two ff’s still I want give this spoiler….

1st I’ll like to present you all HINTS for next PARTS….

1) SWARA n SANSKAR – journey to SWASAN with DESTINY….

In this ff….

SwaSan just becomes friends….

Sanskar comes to know that Swara is Punjabi….

He asked Swara to spend 1 whole day with him without any inquiry…. She also agreed to this….

Following day in morning at MM….
AP was doing Pooja in house temple….
When she turned to give aarti to Dp she got hell shock after seeing at the entrance of the mansion….
Aarti’s plate falls from her hands….
Dp also look behind and he’s double shocked than Ap….

It’s our SWASAN who get MARRIED….

Will Ap and Dp accept this marriage….

Why they get tied in such way….

Is any hidden motive is there behind their union….

What are Sanskar’s hidden motives behind this union….

Why Swara agreed to marry him is it because of her trust on him or she also hold any hidden motive….

With these mysteries SWASAN ROMANCE also be shown….?

2) Destiny Vs True LOVE….

In this ff 4 best friends will get separate by DESTINY…. Later this story takes 7 years leap….

What will go on after 7 years….

Will TRUE LOVE bring them together once more….

Of course Yes but it’s not that easy cause of their Ego’s for each other….

Little bit past memories about how they become separated….

Story will have little HAUNTED TOUCH how it’s suspense….

Please do tell me through ur comments that it’s INTERESTING or BORING….

BIG SORRY cause I won’t be able to post these ff’s till how much time I really don’t know, not for months, but for weeks cause I got lots of work in these 2 days to perform…. I can’t find time to post it regularly…. I don’t want people to HATE me for irregular updates so I decided to get a break and after finishing my work I’ll post these two that too regularly without any excuse…. I know you’ll understand my situation….

If you suffer any confusion, then you can ask me…. I’ll answer everything….

Credit to: Bhagyashree

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  1. So nyc….

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  2. Yaar i love ur both ffs
    plz try to upload ur ff when ever u get tym

    1. Thanks ridhima…? I’ll try ASAP…. Thanks for encouraging me keep reading….?

  3. Both are awesome…

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  5. Hi dear…..sorry to say but I haven’t read ur ff so can u plz update ur ff links so I can read them bcz from the spoilers I realised that they must b very interesting….

    1. Thanks ayesha….? I’ll post links for u here wait for little….?

      1. http://www.tellyupdates.com/swara-n-sanskar-journey-swasan-destiny-episode-9-u-punjabi/


        Click these only nd u will find previous one also cause I posted previous link in each part these are the recent one…. nd Thanks once again….?

  6. Awesome yaar plsss try to update soon… Eagerly waiting

    1. Thanks Tooba….? I’ll try ASAP….?

  7. Both ffs are really nice. Please continue yaar. Eagerly waiting for your ffs.

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