Spoiler Of Drawn Together Story

Radhika fumed, burned and blistered as she kept staring at a woman who was smiling slyly across her husband.

The doofus wasn’t even aware that he was being hit on. Her upper lip curled in a sneer.

The idiot.

Great. He was always a walking talking chick magnet. There. Today, it’s done. She needed to lock him up in a room. That way nobody is going to give him the sly eyes and inviting smiles.

Radhika slid her glance back at the woman. She wasn’t even seeing the dresses. It was an act to look at him closely.

Her chest moved up and down with strained breaths. He was smiling down his mobile again. Ugh, he was doing that since an hour. What the heck was in that she didn’t know. Was he chatting with someone? With who? The porcupine wouldn’t even smile at a cute bunny, now he was showing his perfect teeth for everyone to see? What the hell.

With widening of bemused eyes she saw him grin while he kept tapping at the phone. Her jaw grinded. That’s it.

She marched to his side and nudged him hard in the ribs with her left elbow.

“What the heck are you smiling about?” She gritted.

He bent forward and gave a howl of a pain. She snorted. What a wuss.

He turned his scrunched up face to the side.

“Ugh…What the f**k was that for?” He said through clenched teeth of pain.

When he cursed again, Oh it burned the anger course and boil into her veins more. She bent to his eye level and glared.

“I said what the heck are you smiling about?” She asked again in a cold voice.

His scrunched up face turned red and his eyes widened looking at her angry features.

“What?” He asked bewildered.

Radhika shook her head, rolled her eyes and straightened.

“Ugh! just great, I got married to a dumb guy.” She groaned irritated at his confusion.

He straightened and rubbed the place where it hurt still. He glared across at her completely pissed off now.

“Is your brain addled? Do I need to call the mental hospital? If you keep on hitting me with those elbows, swear to god I’m going to wring you like a chicken and….”He started to raise his voice but she tuned him with an eye roll and turned around.

Arjun was surprised to the core at her nonchalant attitude. His anger would have dissolved any girl to tears, but this one just keeps shocking him at every turn of their conversation. Now, he was furious.

“Hey! You don’t dare to walk away from me when I’m talking here….you come back, you little…”He went around, but stopped dead when she gave a shout so high pitched. It made him jump.

“Hey! You!” Radhika snarled at the woman.

The woman, tall, fair, thin wearing a short pink sleeveless dress paled at her shout. Her eye round caught Radhika’s blistering glare. She pointed a delicate manicured index finger to herself. She had bedazzled red coloured nail polish on.

Like seriously. How much a barbie doll does the woman scream. So typical an uptown chick.

“M…m…me?” She asked stuttering.

Radhika fumed and put her hands over her hips.

“Yeah, you.” She said disgusted..”What are you looking at?” She gritted out.

The woman just kept staring at her nervously and she again looked over Radhika’s shoulder.

Radhika’s face cleared and tautened. She turned her head to the side and saw him popping his head to the side to look interestingly at the woman.

Really? He wouldn’t look at his wife to observe and here he was…..ugh.

She pushed her hand to the side and hit his shoulder.

“Get behind me.” She ordered him, but before he could reply, Radhika turned her head around and moved forward.

The woman loooked deadly frigtened now.

“And you, were you looking at my husband, huh?” She asked in a hard voice and walking forward.

“N…no..no, I wasn’t.” The woman hastily replied.

Radhika got in her face and she cringed away.

“Don’t lie, I saw you giving him the eye. Don’t you have an ounce of shame to hit on a married guy..” She whispered threateningly down at the now almost crying woman…”You know what I’ll do, if you look at my husband again? huh?” She muttered down…The woman shook her head. Radhika smiled coolly….”I’m gonna gauge your eyes out and…” She started to shout, but very rudely her body was lifted up in the air as if she was a rag doll and was plonked to the side harshly.

“Haha, now now darling, that’s enough.” His steely voice so light travelled into her ears warningly.

Her chest was moving up and down in too much anger. Her breathing got escalated. She looked around to see people in the shop were watching her and the two of them with rounded eyes.

Oh, whatever.

He looked around too embarrassed to the core. He smiled and laughed good naturedly. His left hand went down and he rubbed her head vigorously.

“Stop it.” Radhika tried to push at his hand which was spoiling her straight hair.

His wrist was like iron band. The veins were hard steel strips.

God, he had bison like strength.

“She is just crazy.” He explained while moving her head to and fro..”I was taking her to check with the psychiatrist tonight. Seems like I have to move up the appointment to right away…” He muttered in explanation still to the displeased looking customers.

They nodded their heads sadly looking at her in understanding and moved about to their way minding themselves again.

Radhika could not just believe what he said.

“Psychiatrist? How dare you…” She started to say but he closed her mouth tight with his right hand.

“Mmmsbnnmm.” Radhika tried to talk, and clawed at his hand with her failing ones.

“Enough of this. Shut up and keep walking.” He glared down at her, as his other hand caught her moving head firmly.

He plucked a few dresses from off the hangers and threw those over her head moving away his hand over her mouth finally.

Radhika breathed in relief and took the dresses off her head and observed those while walking.

What the hell. She glared up with burning red face while he made her speed walk fast to the changing room aisle.

“These are excel. Why do you think I’m extra size always. Do I look that fat to you and…”

Her mouth closed in a snap when he looked down at her with seemingly thunderous face.

Radhika cringed back. Oh crapity hell. He was angry. Her inner voice sing sang.

Awesome, you managed to piss him off again…..




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  4. Advaita

    Awwww, so possessive Radhika is!! I LOVE U DI !! Really , a hearty thanks for posting the spoiler . U know what , I am going crazy bcoz of ur stories. The spoiler was so amusing….hahaha.Psychiatrist scene was the best one …..oh Arjun is mad.Plzzz post the story too and that too soon …..like real soooooooon. Any of ur story. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  5. Hayathi

    Ha ha ha like seriously radhu agar koi itna handsome boy saamne hein tho dekna padta hein na ha ha ha poor girl

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  8. Wow ! This is awesome ! I guess the reason for Arjun’s smile while tapping his phone is because he is looking at their kiss selfie in the car (LOL). They are surely getting Drawn Together. Please give spoiler of BBCB also.

    • cool ff

      Yeah i figured that straight away that he must be looking at that pic then when she finds that out shes gonna be so embarrassed lool
      Thank you so much for the spoiler in your busy schedule were all really greatful!

  9. Krithi

    Farha thanx for the spoilers.. Really enjoyed radhika’s behaviour… Oh now I want to read the story badly… But first update DT2 as you have said earlier… Will be waiting for ur updates… Do update soooon…. Plzzzz. Dying to read it…???

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  11. Roma

    Awesome Farha my darling, it’s hilariously amazing spoiler, I can’t wait to read the whole chapter now..laughing like hell, your sense of humour is mind blowing dearyyy…rads burning in jealous n arjun annoyed by her…finally she made him angryyyyyy, pissed him offff..such a sweetheart farha…anxiously waitingggggg for dt,dt2, bb, bd, ss, bg,aiwtciu, and many more… plz update your all stories one by one when you find time…plzzzzzzzzzz. .love you loads and bear hug…take care sweetie, muaaaaahhhhhh

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    Hai farah ma’am,,
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