SPOILER for Swaragini

the scene is between Ragini, Swara and Sanskaar in Jail. Ragini and Swara are basically discussing how Kavita got some cake. Swara is saying it has been kavita all along and that Sanskaar has seen her. Ragini is like dont worry. I will get through this. You have suffered a lot because of me. But now I will fight for you and make sure you are ok. I won’t let anything happen to you. I know to what level Kavita can fall and hence I won’t let her do anything to you. I won’t let anything happen to you. And she is cryingLOL. You have always taught me to fight for the right thing and now I will fight for you. You are someone who is so headstrong and you will have to remain one. Don’t lose hope.
Sanskaar enters and sees them crying and is like what is happening, why are you crying? Princess, your prince is here. I will fight until the end and won’t let anything happen to you and Ragini is like this time Sanskaar is not alone. I am with him. And both of them are holding one hand of Swara. And Swara ask them what is their first plan of action?

With the conversation here it seems that they still haven’t figured out that it has been Maasi and Kavita’s joint game.

Ragini is shown feeding Swara food. Swara is asking about the CCTV footage. She is asking if the CCTV footage has recorded all her activities until she enters room number 102, then how come the CCTV hasnt recorded any activity of Kavita until then. And some lady is trying to scare Swara while walking by her jail and then Swara is scared.

Swara is in changed clothes. Swara is being taken away by the police. Sanskaar tries to give her hope and holds her hand. And then police takes her away and Ragini is crying Swara, Swara!! Ragini is crying on Sanskaar’s shoulderLOL (sorry, I just cracked up)

Last one has the IV’s of the three: Summary

Looks like Swara has already been given life sentence in the jail. Reporters were asking what is the crime and what happened? But they didn’t reveal anything. But looks like its a murder. And reporters were saying something on the lines of Maasi’s murder. But three of them didn’t reveal anything!! So I am guessing Kavita is murdering Maasi and framing Swara. Now it could be fake murder as well!! if Maasi is still gonna be there

Sanskaar is sitting anxiously, waiting for Swara. Swara comes running to Sanskaar and hugs him. She tells him that she is really scared and please take her away from here. He tells her nothing will happen to her and he will take her away. They break the hug and she ask him whether him and Ragini found any evidence against Kavita. But Sanskaar cannot answer and he makes her sit.
Scene between Swara and Ragini: Swara is telling Ragini that something is seriously very fishy that we are not even able to see. Ragini is like there is one evidence which can clear all the confusion.
Scene again between Swara and Sanskaar: Sanskaar is saying he is trying is best and he will definitely find one. He just needs some time. We will know how Kavita Killed Maasi. Swara is asking what did the lawyer say? So Sanskaar is like why are you worrying about this? Don’t worry everything will be ok. Lawyer is working on the case and the real culprit will be caught very soon. Swara is like you are just saying this to make me feel better. What are they gonna do? They dont even have evidence for me to save me and she cries again and Sanskaar gives her the side hug and he is like dont worry. I am here. I will get you out. I promise you I will get out but u will have to promise me to be strong. You are very strong!! He breaks the hug, cups her face, wipes her tears and then FOREHEAD TO FOREHEAD TOUCH
Guys its official that Kavita is killing Maasi. So Swara will be framed in fake murder charges.

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  1. what the hell what else they will do now…???

    1. i agree with u.but whatever happened bought swara and ragini back again as swaragini. i am happy for that

  2. hope kavita and masi framing masi murder and put blame on swara or else kavita really killed her and blame falls on her.. but hope ragini sanskar find kavita soon,.. hope kavita didnt bm to sanskar to get swara out of jail.. but when sanskar comes to know that she is doing all this to seperate swasan,, then he will definetly hates her may be he try to harm her,. when ragini try to harm swara he throttle ragini to kill her.. he cant see swara in pain.. so definetely he saves his swara.. may be they are framing fake murder of mausi and to stop their wedding… hope real culprit find soon.. cant see swasan again in pain… want swsan peice marriage not like this… allways troubles… please sanskar ragini save swara…..
    and how cvs there law is different for swara and all.. when laksh arrested he back easily when ragini did all things she even didnt arrest but when it comes to swara she goes to jail and gets life sentence.. this is when ragini kidnaped blame goes on swara and sanky is helpless simar saves her and easily without any proof swara arrested and now agauin get life sentence for fake murder charges .. and divorce for raglak their divorce prosses still going on after ragini signed on it.. and for swasan they showed by dhoka she signed on papers and rags told she submit it.. without heairing any case how they get divorced.. officially still they are couple… they have 6months time… cvs what you are showing illogical things… please use laws correct and why the show is full of negativity only.. first ragini snatch laksh frm swara and now kavita doing same with swara for sanskar.. for what reason you bring kavita back.. when you people showed she is positive and she only joined there hands and went out frm their lifes its good.. then why you bring her back again… kyo aap log serial may itna negativity dikha rahi hai… please stop this kavita drama..

    1. yea i agree with u. the cvā€˜s have really lost it.

  3. omg !!! so she was the dead pire that the swaragini’s promo is showing us since a month !

    1. yes i think so

    2. no guys.. urvasi won’t die.. its plan of kavi n that drama queen urvashi … sanskar n ragini will find that truth n send kavitha behind bars…after that again marriage preparation takes place… but someone ll die for sure… it may be sumi or ragini fake suicide drama… ‘coz lucky ex gal friend take wedding vows with lucky instead of ragini n marriage mandap …

      1. no bhuvi, kanchi will not come as laksh ex . it is clarrified by kanchi singh in her insta.

  4. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    unite swasan n raglak soon pls……….. and i m glad that they unites SWARAGINI………. bull shit how long we have been waiting for it?????????????

    1. swasan will be united soon but not raglak.
      raglak wil unite only after lots of drama

  5. wow I m so happy for my swaragini…..my swaragini is back …..

    1. yes manvi i am also really happy to have swara and ragini backa s swaragini šŸ™‚

  6. At last gonna see swaragini bonding… Y Laksh never came in this whole scene?? Whr was he??

    1. enen i thought abt that.where is laksh?
      did u see the video?
      the reporters asked varun,helly and tejaswi where was laksh they didnt give a clear reply

      1. I think Laksh is upto something…

  7. Hopefully brides will be swapped and the couples turn out to be ragsan and swalak

    1. no dont want bride swap nothing… swasan and raglak are couples.. we will see ragini sanskar friendship back and now they try to save swara.

    2. i dont think the brides will be swapped cause i read somewhere that they will bring laksh ex-gf .
      what i dont understand is swara was laksh lover so then who is the newcomer? and what happened between them that they broke up?

      1. i am sorry .
        kanchi singh will not enter in swaragini.so maybe the brides will be swapped as the marriage is to be done in the same mandap. i just hope it does not happen

      2. Arohi….I read it somewhere that the brides will be swapped…but not Swara and Ragini….Laksh’s Ex girlfriend will take Ragini’ place in the mandap…..now I think its Ragini’s turn..she will face the same problems which Swara had face because of her….but yes…Laksh will have to bear two wives….

    3. It will never happen. Swasan will unite soon

  8. swaragini bond will gets stronger day by day.the biggining wil be with swaragini revealing maasi s face infront of all . then when swara goes to jail ragini wil become her support.now again when laksh throws out ragini swara wil become her support. hope to hear the swaragini title song again. it has been a long time since it was played

  9. arohi dear…even I don’t understand… lucky said Swara is his first love .. n Wen did he start loving another gal…that means after marrying ragini he fallen love with kanchi…??? god this rs production na…Juz unbelievable… they ll bring death person to alive Luke they did kavitha character who died upfront of sanskar in his arms… suddenly she got her soul back from hell ( s she deserves oly hell not heaven)n became alive… hilarious…

    1. no dear, kanchi wil not enter the show . she herself clarrified in insta

  10. guys a happy news……
    kanchi singh will not enter swaragini.there were rumours abt her entering the show as laksh girlfriend but it is not true.
    kanchi singh clarified this in her instagram account.
    and about the photo of namish and kanchi, they clicked it at the airport when they met
    so happy raglak fans??? šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    1. Now oly feeling happy after reading ur statement and seeing the link… Just want Raglak together… Just love their pair?

  11. I am so happy that swaragini will reunite….finally…..but am disappointed that swasan again have to suffer through a lot!!!

  12. Is it true dat brides ll b swapped???? May b coz its really fishy laksh asking ragini to remarry dat too in sm mandap in which SWASAN ll marry. N d word sm mndp is raising my doubt. Anyways if dis tm de played aid swaras marriage soon de hv to end dr show just lyk maths.

    1. don’t know weather they will be swapped.but something sure will happen which i don’t think will make swasan fans happy

  13. I think if not bride swap dn surely kavita ll blackmail sanskar to marry her n leave swara dn only she ll help him to prove swara innocence.

  14. Whatever….but its so irritating. Kabhi aisa hota h kya ki shaadi ke kuch din pehle dulhan jail chali jaye.

  15. Oh crap!!so the promo of someone’s death was of Urvashi’s death ….poor sanskar and swara nd kavita thinks that if she removes swara then sanskar will marry her wwhich is totally illogical

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