Spoiler for ffs’ of swaragini, tashan e ishq, kumkum bhagya, qubool hai

Hey guys this is the spoiler of my ffs. I know I did not update any ff from 1 week and I will not be able to update till 17 March as my exams r going g to start. I know u all will be mad at me but plz pardon me for not updating any ff and this is also the spoiler.

Swaragini : swasan and raglak marriage will take place. They will be having some romantic moments within the next episodes.

Tashan e ishq : chinki will be kidnapped and twinj will join hands to save her. They will be shocked to know the kidnapper.

Kumkum bhagya : abhi will aap tanu and get restricted from the college. Tanu will swear to come back and make Pragya life hell. Pragya will be tensed and try to convince abhi but to no avail.

Qubool hai : aahil car will get punctured. They will spend the night in a small cottage and spend some cute romantic moments.

I hope u like the spoiler. So after 1 month I will update my ffs. Plz pardon me.


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  1. How dumb of u, just stop…..it makes no sense at all…….

    1. Yes yaar

      1. ya tanya is right

  2. heyy..but tell d name of ur ff

  3. Tanya and Ranaji what’s the problem if she gives spoilers it’s such a nice idea and if u’ll don’t like it don’t comment and its not dumb u know what is dumb Tanya ur comment and Ranaji I don’t know why u also r supporting her.She has a problem since her exams r approaching she can’t publish the episode…..I m sorry if I was rude Tanya&Ranaji but u’ll were too rude too.

    1. Hey it is for ff not real I like her ff but I hate the track soo only sorry if I hurted you?????

      1. I am sorry Ranaji for the rudeness but for Tanya she can’t make any excuse bcoz she is literally meaning it….pls forgive me Ranaji I m nt like this but I can feel bcoz I write FF too!????

    2. Ya i agree with u SMC

  4. yes SMC is right if ranaji if someone tell your ff like then wil get hurt ranaji i like ff too much i am waiting for your ff when u will update & i think all have exam so all can understand & sahima aslo have exam & sorry ranaji if i hurt u & tanya aapko beech mein bolne ki jarurat nhi hai aur aapko kisiko dumb kehne ki jarurat nhi hai sahima give spoiler then what wrong with u & i am sory if i hurt u but one think remain that tumhe koi hak nhi hai kisiko dumb kehne ki

  5. yes SMC is right if ranaji if someone tell your ff like then wil get hurt ranaji i like ff too much i am waiting for your ff when u will update & i think all have exam so all can understand & sahima aslo have exam & sorry ranaji if i hurt u & tanya aapko beech mein bolne ki jarurat nhi hai aur aapko kisiko dumb kehne ki jarurat nhi hai sahima give spoiler then what wrong with u & i am sory if i hurt u but one think remain that tumhe koi hak nhi hai kisiko dumb kehne ki

    1. I am posting epi regularly pls check it yaar

  6. Hey sahima r u givng 12th boards exm?

  7. Interesting 🙂

  8. This comment is deleted.

    1. It’s her wish how many she wants to do u people don’t understand the value of anything bcoz if this happened to u I bet u would start crying by now but u’ll break others hearts and don’t feel it bcoz that person isn’t even related to u….I am sorry if I was mean but we don’t need people like u who just like to comment rubbish…I am sorry but u shouldn’t have commented this

      1. hey SMC , WHY THE HELL DO U GO SO SENTI ?? whatever u say is lame and that your sorry makes no sense….seriously grow up and yes if its her exams she should study and not waste time. also no one should start crying on the comments of this stupid ff.

      2. Excuse me gargi….I am supporting her and it’s just spoilers of the FF…it’s not a stupid FF u understood and I am grown up don’t teach me to grow u understood!

      3. guys y are u all fighting..miss gargi if u don’t like this don’t comment..its smc’s choice if she wishes to support someone..y r u finding it lame..its strange..and if u really find it stupid don’t comment na ..who told u…?? its disgusting that how u ppl create an issue out of nothing…and smc plzz don’t loose ur temper after ppl of lame mentality…!!

  9. omg whats happening here..mah god!! guys i think u should respect her efforts..she is trying to give u an overview of whats happening next..and i agree wid smc its her wish yaar..don’t be rude..
    sahima dear plzz don’t mind..and all the best for ur xams.. 🙂 🙂

  10. SMC i think she is tanya coz maine kisiko layla naam se comment karte dekha nhi. i think tanya change her name as layla what do u think SMC

    1. I don’t know who is who but if it is Tanya she has lost it….

    2. you people put your mind in so dumb topics…how much does it matter. stop being childish and stop this nonsense……….

      1. and how does it matters to u..u r also doing the same….that also by changing ur name…what do u think we are stupid that we won’t understand..just look at ur symboll

      2. Exactly Tara this is Tanya only with 2 user names that is neelu,and gargi she is totally mental

  11. U better f**k off. U b*t*hes

    1. excuse me mind ur tongue…!! we can’t help it if u r stupid..nd how dare u use slang??? i don’t knw how this comments get published…m warning u for the last time don’t mess wid me..

    2. calm down people

    3. just go to hell…. dont u have manners… if u know many words , it doesnt mean u can use it anywhere….

    4. Exactly this is not a place to use words like that Tanya!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey guys i really don’t understand, my first comment was that she should not write stories which she can’t handle and second u all should improve your mentality if u can’t bear criticism…… And yes don’t take me wrong as u all don’t know how much u guys have hurt me by putting allegations in me. If u all don’t mind can we all be friends and sorry…. Hope u will understand me as it was just an opinion and hurting anyone…….thanx

    1. giving criticism is not wrong… but the way u used the language was not appropriate…. u should know.. how one can get angry on reading ur comment…. u could have expressed in a polite way…. afteral she is school girl… writing ff is her wish… wethr to 2 or 3.. its her problem.. she knows well to balance her life .. to concentrate on studies….

      if u r really hurt, u should know how much she would have get hurt by ur comment

      1. i agree…criticism doesn’t mean hurting someone’s sentiments..it requires lot of effort for writing ffs..and u should respect that tanya..m sorry if i offend u bt ur words were getting on my nerves…and arshi is right u should improve ur language..its not aplace where u can do all this..m again sorry..bt i still think u were wrong..

      2. Tara she has the read the comments so she understands that we have forgiven her otherwise I wl guilty that we did something wrong

    2. Guys I think we should become friends bcoz this is a place to become like a family tara,arshi I am not taking her side but let’s not become friends but a family lets forgive if she is really sorry with her mistake and I am really very sorry too for whatever I said in anger but I am feeling very sad bcoz just imagine when Sahima reads this whole comments what will go through her…..Anyway I am Sorry Tanya…it is a real sorry but ask Tara and anyone who knows me I have never commented like this…..Sorry Tanya pls if it is possible forgive me and let’s all become a family…

      1. same here smc i have also not cmmnted like this this anywhere …u see my first comment here ..it was a genuine request..bt she continued with it..and i couldn’t resist myself from commenting ehen she told bad things about u..i know u..nd we r friends..so i couldn’t bear that…
        anyways tanya if u see this then m sorry..nd yeah lets be friends..

  13. we r not ur slave….o u get that..

  14. that is not nice.

  15. OK guys let’s just be friends

  16. Tara when u said slang words and etc were u talking to me or Tanya ??

    1. of course tanya..coz she started all this nonsense..

  17. PEACE !!!!

  18. Why r u all fighting. Tanya why r u telling bad words how can u tell like that. And everyone plzzz stop the fight end it. I never thought because of Me u all will start fighting. And thanks smc mrunal tara arshi sunehri shriti Sita for supporting me. I’m happy as u all understood my situation. But I’m very upset reading Tanya comment. Ranaji plz tell me for which ff u don’t like the story track. Plz let me know. Today only I saw the comments and I was happy as well as sad.

    1. sahima i knew this day will come trust me even we didn’t want to create such i thing..i can understand how u r feeling….sorry dear..bt plzz let it go…its a request..plzzzzzzz

    2. I’m so sorry Sahima to start questioning Tanya and plz don’t feel sad with the comments the past is in the past and if Tanya doesn’t forgive me,Tara and everyone else it is her loss bcoz we apologised…..Sahima plz don’t feel bad but when she started using bad words and starting telling me to grow up she got on my nerves but every FF have good and bad comments bcoz my FF also started with a person who wrote something very bad but don’t feel bad I know u will but try to be happy that u made an attempt….

    3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Kkb only pls make cute scenes for abhi and pragya I too write a ff of kkb pls make more then only your fans will increase I did not wanted to hurt you but you have more ideas pls gear up

      1. I knew it.but after the tanu track I will add there cute scenes

  19. yeah sahima smc is ri8..plzz let go it..

  20. I’m not at feeling bad. Only the thing is that Tanya should not use that words. It’s not the right place to talk like that and if she want to then she can tell in her own words but she should not abuse u all. But I’m happy that she is sorry.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar for understanding my comment

    2. I am sorry, i was just out of my mind and in which class r u as i also have my 10th boards. Waiting for your next ff. I am so sorry everyone…especially u. Plz forgive me as i am too tensed about various things ….life is not too good

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