Spoiler For ff (Naagin-Love forever,Naagin Season 2 and Aatma-Naagin, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Kkb And Tei)


Spoilers For

Naagin-Love forever

This ff has came to and end and in end Shivanya and Ritik will die because of Ankush’s plan to kill Ritik and Sukanya and Shesha’s plan to kill Shivanya for Ritik.But when Sukanya and Shesha will come to know that Ankush killed Ritik then they will kill Ankush.Soon this ff will have season 2.

Naagin Season 2

In this ff soon you will see some romantic and intimate moments of Ritik and Shivanya and after some days she will get pregnant again and all the three Ritik,Shivanya and Shivam will be happy but something will be happen which will destroy their life.Guess what will happen.

Aatma-Naagin,Yeh Hai Mohabbate,Kkb And Tei

This all couples will have romantic moments with eachother but one evil spirit will try to kill one of the men.Hope whoever is spirit’s target that person gets save.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. hey sidhi… I’m so confused with d third para …….but about nagin season 2 . I’m so exited. thanks for spoiler

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