Spoiler Alert — 1st November 2016


Raina faces Brahmarakshas in the jungle. Aparajita stares at her Raina has survived. Raina has survived. She wakes up and asks the lady where is she. She tells the lady that she will take revenge from Rishabh. Raina angrily throws water on someone. Raina got hurt on her head after the accident. Raina did not lose her memory, but reacts very angrily after she gets conscious. The villager look man happens to be an educated person Shivam. Shivam saves Raina’s life. He will be protecting Raina from the devil.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi gets a strange dream, where Sesha, Yamini and Maheshwati come to kidnap Shivangi and her sister. The evil-minded Yamini hurts Shivangi. Shivangi tries to stop Yamini. Sesha has come to kidnap Shivangi and take her to the temple to get Naagmani. Yamini shouts no one can get saved by her. Yamini is a human, and yet more powerful than Naagins. Yamini wants to use Shivangi and reach Naagmani. It has to be seen who gets lucky this time.

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Naagin 2

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  1. Jamai Raja.. pls dont change Mahi. I like Shiny Doshi. It is bcoz of her iam watching this show after leap. Pls pls dont replace her. If it does it will be worst show.

    1. Naz if u read the news shiny will still be in the show its just that their will be 2 mahis one being captive(shiny) and the other with payal(Sara)

      1. Stays will save mahi

  2. Drishy Murleedharan

    i love mahi satya jodi plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont change mahi

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