********* #SPIRIT_THE_MAGIC ********


swasan are lost in their eyelock remembring all their old moments as how they meet and how they fall for eachother

********** FLASHBACK ************

the dark forest full of dark creatures that are ready to put on their shadows in somee poius souls humans are abandond to go there coz anyone goes there cant come back its the start of first session of acadmy that year and swara and sanskar both admit there its the evening time swara lost her way and she reached in dark forest actually it was the prank of seniors and now she is in big trouble coz her identity is not rvealed in acadmy that she is to be queen and sanskars too

swara is not so fast girl and she is so innocent and pure by her heart and soul too so she got trapped in seniors plan and now she is running in the forest coz a warewolf is behind her to eat her they are the bigesst eneemies of vampires and shona cant use her magic as it rveals her identity in front of warewolves clan that would be harmfull for vampire world if they capture her then they would take her maagic and then war should be started

shona- ohhhhh god whhats this prblm now he is still at back of me

she wears a royal princess gown coz its ceremony time welcome ceremony and seniors made her trapped in there plan

she is running when warewolves blocked her ways

warewolves- oh our old enemy is here and that too in a beautiful attire

shona- see its just a mistake i dnt want to be here leave me i would go

warewolves slowely walks towards her showing there bladelike teeths to rip her head when she blow air nd doj them and run immediatly frm there

they ran behind her she is un the midof dark forest when she entagled with roots and falls down in a hole and warewolves stand arround the hole

they are going to kill her when someone came and fight with them and some of them killed by him and some ran frm there then he jumped in the hole

shona closed her eyes in fear she thinks the person came to kill her while the person is none other than our hero and her prince sanskar who is lost in her innocent beauty and her charm he takes her out of the hole and made her sit on the stone

she open her eyes he lost in the depth of her eyes then he broke the eyelock

sanky- hy girl what are u doing in the middle of forest

shona- i was on road then i lost my way i asked forr way and they made me trapped in their plan poor what are u doing here

sanky- am here for hunting for food by the way hi am sanskar ozera new commer first smester

shona- hello am swara dragomere new commer first smester well thanks for saving my life

sanky- pleasure all mine

thats how they meet at that day

when someone knocks the door and they came into sense

****** fb ends *******

lakshye- your highness mam is waiting for you

shona- yes am coming

lakshye and shona goes frm there and sanky talks to himself

sanky- i know you r hurt shona am sorry shona but i cant tell u now time will heal our wounds

on the other hand surbhi and shona sits in front of headmistress

kerova- so girls now tell me the truth why you ran frm academy

surbhi- just we are not safe

kerova- shut up girl am not in moad to talk to you tell me princess

surbhi- but am her guardian

kerova- you are a novaice( a student) not her official guardian official guardians are not doing blunders like you idoit

lakshye – mam princess is here

shona- actually mam we wont be save in this acadmy we found threats and notes with bloods

she starts doing compulsion on kerova

and ya we are wre very sorry we dont do this again

kerova is now convinced by shonas magic

kerova- ok princess go to your royal quarter and surbhi get lost to your dorm room

suddenly surbhi sees some filess

surbhi- guys tell me where is misss jannet

kerova- its official matter novaice

surbhi – u have to tell us at any cost

lakshye drags her out of the office

surbhi- hy commrade leaveme and tell me

lakshye- your high ness plz u go to your room

shona goes frm there

lucky- come i have to talk to you

they are going when they listen a blast frm royal quarters

what happened next stay tuneed with spirit its short one but i was bit busy i wrote it in hurry :p

give feed back thanks #HAANI

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