recap- princess’s kidnap by strigoi

******** #SPIRIT_THE_MAGIC *********


laksshye and sanky are lying on road unconciously on the other hand the strigois do black magic on surbhi that she cant move frm her place she is frozed now she cant move frm her place only she can listen and see whats happening only

on the other hand strigoi tortured shona they are collecting blood in viless to drink to get more power as to be queens blood is most powerfull in the VAMPIRE WORLD

suddenly sanky got up his eyes are widely opened colors of lens changed frm brown to blue as if he is seeing something and at the same time luakshye gott up and start finding princess and surbhi while sanskar is watching something and fearing of loosing something


shona is tied on a tree trunk strigoi are cutting her wrist and collecting blood

shona- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you blood lusty creatures i wiill curse you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh leave me

strigoi- we want you to be with us to kill the whole royal family youu have the most powerfull magic within you in this wworld so shake hand with us we will rule the whole human world toooo

shona spits on his face

shona- i wont let you do harm to my whole empire we live in harmony with humans you want voilance MOROI are the name of peace i would fight with you i know ypu wont kill me coz u want my magic my SPIRIT

strigoi- he pulls her hair hold his mouth and blow her mind you have to agreee

shona- ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i wont i wont

sanky on his place – u idoit creature leave leave my shona ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my head they made cut on shonas wrist and here that cut is apearing on sankys wrist to he close his eyes in pain and locte shonas presence through his magic he found her in mid forest in south

shona is crying helplessly as she is weak due to blood loss cant fight with strigoi and she is in early stages of getting magic

sanky shouts- dnt close your eyes shona and then view ends

guys sanky and shona both are bonded through souls and sanky can watch and feel torture that are going upon shona and he to gets same injuries like cut and all so dnt confuse that how sanky can watch whats happening with shona it feels to him like its happening to him

lakshye is now in great panic he calls the guardians and they all go inside the forest to search shona and surbhi in form of small teams

then sanky came to lucky

lakshye- what sanskar your bleeding dude whats this

sanky- that bond is more stronger and works now they tortured shona i found her location coem lets go we have to rescue her

lucky- but first your wound

sanky- we are vampires it can be healed automatically come lets go

they both ran fastly in the jungleguys you know na vamps are much faster then humans

they reached at the place where shona is tied up but there are many strigois

so lakshye sanky and guardians fight with the whole group and they burn the blood collected frm shona but one strigoi have drink it already sanky lakshye and shona are shocked coz blood give him more power but instead of their expectations he burned as he drinks shonas blood and then they listen a voice they recognized it its queen tatianas voice

VOICE- whenever someone tries to get the blood of to be queen and drink it to gain power he would be burned at that place as its for bad coz they takes it by torturing her that blood wont work

sanlak and shona listens this and they thank god that blood wouldnt give him power

sanky opens the shona she faintly smiles she falls but sanky take her into his embrace her wound is healed coz she is a vampire but she needs blood to gain her power bck so lakshye killed an animal and gives the blood to princess she drinks it and she feels better she got up jerking sankys hand ya ya coz she thinks he is cheater sanky doesnt utter a word

shona panikced for surbhi

shona- where is surbhi lakshye speak up u idiot

lakshye- fumbles wo am yourhighness we didnt find her yet

shona- what you idiots find her at any cost or i will punish you

at same time lakshye got the cal

laucky- yeah whats the position

mark- commrade we found surbhi they do black magic on her only princess can heal her so we take her to the academy in princess royal quarter did you found the princess

lucky- yes we found the princess and ya we are coming ok bye

lucky- your highness surbhi is found she is in ur room come u have to heal

shona- ahh thank god you both idiots come lets go faster

the trio goes back to the academy and enters through backdoor


yes i am the prince and to be king of vampire world but i lost her love ya love of my princess i dnt want to cheat her am bonded with her but after that accident our souls are connected and someone tries to kill her ya that girl is kavitha she kniows black magic and princess my shona is in vulnarable condition she wont woke up for 10 days due to that kavithas magic but queen tatiana heal my shona but kavitha black mails me to be in relation with her she wants to be queen but but she cant coz shona was selected for that

so i accept her deal to cheat shona but i only pretend to love her shona is heart broken then i do compulsion magic i made her to run frm acadmy for her life but i cant be without her queen came to know it and she made our bond strong so whereever shona goeas i reached there to see her and copulse her to run for her life but now its not possible to save her in outside world so i take her back kavitha was thrown out frm the acadmy she is vampire jail but shona hates me it gives pain to me but she is safe i am happy in it i would win her love again she is my princess my shona i love her alot


the trio reaches at the princess quarter shona is tensed for surbhi

shona- oh god she cant move

surbhi only looks at shona

shona cuts her wrist and made shona drinks her blood surbhi heals within a second

shona- hugs surbhi thankgod you r fine

surbhi- nothng happens to you na

surbhi looks at sanky

surbhi- by the way price stop staring your princess she is only yours

swasan embrassed

swasan- shut up surbhi

at the same time lakshye enters

lakshye- your highness headmistress wants to meet u and your so called guardian

surbhi- what do you mean i fail today only i can fight with strigoi

lakshye- is it after your todays performance if u listen strigoi name then run frm there

swasan laugh

surbhi- ahhhhhhhh commarade give me some good training instead of taunting me

lakshye- ignores her yourhighness headmistress is waiting

surbhi- ya shona come or else that lady would drink my blood

shona- ya coming

sanky stands there shona walks but stops at door and looks back swasan have cute eyelock

chapter ends

precap- flashbacks swasan romance and some secrets rvealed

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