recap- princess found lucky and sankys mission acomplished

****** #SPIRIT_THE_MAGIC *******


A CAR is going on a dark road in the deep forest towards west virginia lakshye is driving the car and surbhi is tied on front seat while princess and sanky are on back seat the journey was so peacefull until shona and surbhi woke up

shona- ahhhhh my head

she looks towards sanskar who place her head on his shoulder and glares him and jerks him while shonas cat is start grinding her teeth to eat the sanky shona shout

shona- how dare u too touch me u cheater i dnt want to see your face get lost frm here and ya why you did magic on me you know i would complain about this to QUEEN and yes mr lakshye where the hell have you been taking us

sanky- woah woah your highness plz calm down i am not sitting here to drink your blood or to tease your silly cat but queen itself sends me here to take you back to the ST,VILADMIR i hope your anger is finished now or else i would pour some water on your head
he keeps on talking while shona did a magic with eyes that sanky voice is gone for some time

shona- shut up now you would keep quite this question is for lakshye ok

sanky wants to speak but he couldnt due to magic so he sits helplessly

lakshye- yourhighness actually a group of sitrigoi vampires (EVIL VAMPIRES) is behind you to kill you coz you would be the next queen of the whole vampire world but they dnt want to live in harmony so they want to kill you and sansskar too

shona- why but why sanskaar how they came to know about this idiot

lakshye- actually someone is betraying us inside the academy and the person is giving all informations to the strigioi leader and they know that sanskar is SHADOW KISSED ( a person who cross the death line and came back to the life again)

shona- what how is it possible
she looks towards sanky and he winked her which made her more angry

lakshye- princess they all know about the accident and that secret tooo

shona- then we have to take extra precutions and extra guardians

lakshye- thats why we take you back your highness to tackle the situation

shona- then ok but tell your idiot frnd that he stays away frm me

lakshye- yes yourhighness he talk with sanky through eyes

at the same time surbhi woke up and she speaks up

surbhi- why u tied me commrade ( lakshye is her trainer she called him commarade) are you afraid of me

lakshye didnt answer

surbhi- i protect princess for long time am her guardian now i can face strigoi

lakshye- ohh if you face strigoi then we dnt do this converstion

surbhi- you called this conversation huhhh u always didnt give me good words and tricks

lakshye- am not in a moad to argue with you silly girl you put the princess’s life at risk and secret of our world would be rvealed

surbhi- but we cant be back to th academy their is more danger for prince and princess she turns hy prince why dnt you talk

lakshye- coz your bestie and our princess did a magic on her prince to shut his mouth

surbhi- thats great prince

shona- he is not my prince

lakshye- but queen tatiana tell this to witches and they made your both souls bond

both swasan looks at each other and have small cute eye lock the journey is going on


yes i am the princess and to be queen i ran frm tha acadmy with my freind and to be guardian surbhi i dnt know why we do that but we feel that we have to run frm there as their is so much danger for me and at same time i am in love with sanskar ya i am but he cheated me why i dnt know leave that so i will tell you all that st viladmir is a universe and am frm the royal moroi vampire family that is most sacerd family among all of the 12 royaal vampire family we drink blood but we are mortol means we can die my life and also all moroi vamps life depends on magic and blood magic is our soul and blood is our diet we cant bear sunlight sanskar is also frm royal family our story is so much complicatd

then there is one more sect these are dhampirs the guardians they dnt drink blood eat any kindof human food they just need blood once in a year they know all fighting skills lakshye and surbhi are dhampirs

then there came the last sect the strigoi evil vampire they kill humans for blood and they can came out onl in nights they can be killed only by silver stake they want battle with royal vampires

and ya i can do magic with water air fire and earth and all moroi vampires too

thats just begining of secrets

car stops with a jerk and shonas thoughts also stoped

sh looks in front a huge museum like bulding is presnt they are on gate one

shona- welcomeback to thest viladmir good bye facebook and iphone huhh

lakshye- hello jhon open the door

but no answer their is silence all around lakshye and sanky goess out of the car to check whats happening when two persons came and made made them unconciouse
and takes the princess and surbhi into the dark forest

shona- leave us you idiots evils

surbhi- take me leave princesss or else i will killl u

strigoi- shut up u dumb girl

they take them force fully and they take them to the different directions shona is in south and surbhi in north they tied shona with tree and locked the surbhi in hut and cuts shonas writs to take the blood to drink it as she is to be queen they thinks that her blood gives them more power

sanky and lucky are unconcious now who will save princess to know more stay tune and read the next chapter

so guys give your feedback else it feels bad do criticism too guys

thansk #HAANI

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