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story starts with big historical bulding seems like a museum but no its a universe for a sect of people that hides in dark nights hide behind the shadows covering their real identity ya they are not humans but look like all of us but they also feed on us they are vampires yes they are and the builiding is not a museum its a place of education and litrature for them its ST,VILADMIR ACADEMY or we can say VAMPIRE ACADEMY

its only work in nights coz vampires cant bear sunlight and in that building there is a confrence room where 4 persons are arguing on very serious matter

prince dashkove- we have to find her at any cost or else what would we answer QUEEN TATIANA she is the last living person of dragomere blood line

headmistress KEROVA- its not at all princess fault that girl she is behind all this mess that is created and ya you tooo SANSKAR

sanskar OZERA- she is hating me mam its just a misunderstanding i didnt do anything how can i do that too with princess she is my lucky charm but now we hate eachother he banged his hand on the table

when someone put his hand on sanskars shoulder

lakshye balakove- headmistress and prince dashkov we had find out a clue about princess she is absloutly fine but that girl didnt want us to reach to the princess but in new location we find out that she is in NEW YORK with princess

sanky- then why we are waiting for laets take princess back to the academy or else queen will hang us all

lakshye- clm down dear we will surely left to take princess after midnight

yes guys sanky and lakshye also vampires

scene change

on the other hand a car with loud music is going on a road with high speed

its swara, family with her freind brother and mom dad

surbhi- uncle plz dnt stop this song i like it

( guys i chnged ragini role to surbhi of shakti serial )

swara- ya papa i also loved it plz play it na plz plz plz

ajay (swaras bro)- you both always copy eachothers words its a creepy song

sanky- i thought they both are soulmates lol

all laugh while swara is glaring sanky

surbhi- you both are just jealous of our bonding and friendship

sanky looks towards ajay- seriously are we they both laugh and gives hifi to eacheother

swara- dnt talk with these both idiots surbhi they doesnt have a good in music

swaras papa listening their talks and he lost his concentration on driving and car banged in a high speed truck only swara surbhi and sanky survived its a miracle only and a secret tooo swaras whole family died

somone one woke up shouting

swra- ahhhhhhhhhhhh mom dad ajay

dream end

surbhi enterd in the room

surbhi- you again watch that dream i can feel that swara its making you weak

swara- i know surbhi its getting into my nerves its haunting me and that to his face i want to forget him 🙁

surbhi- everything would be fine shona we are out of that world just woke up now we have to run for our life

swara- how long we can run

surbhi- till our last breath

surbhi looks arround and she looks at american president poster

surbhi- why would you place this uncles photo here just think about young boys or your prince

swra- you ask me to involved in this world to come out frm our world

surbhi- but i didnt say that to get interest in this weird man

swra- they will find out us

surbhi- i think we should do surgery of our faces

swra- hahahaah no no i just love my face

she gets up to hifi with surbhi but she dazzled due too weakness

surbhi- you r weak shona ur hungry

swra- no surbhi i am fine

surbhi- no more arguments shona come to the kitchen your favrt dish is there

both goes to the kitchen

swra- are u sure nothing happens to you ?

surbhi- just drink my blood shona its last option

she drinks her blood ya guys swara is a vampire tooo dnt beat me plz

swra- thanks you r a gift for me

surbhi- at least frnds are for help dear

then a cat came and rolled in swaras feet

swra- take the cat hy oscar what happend sweety are u fine

surbhi- she loves u shona alot

swra- she is my sweety pie

then surbhi watch out of window and sheis scared

surbhi- they are here shona we have to run move down

swra- are they strigoi

surbhi- no shona they are frm guardians come to take us lets go thy pack th bags and ran frm back door

scene change

lakshye and sanskar are going to search princess they are near the city when lakshye receives call frm one of the guardian

lakshye- whats the situation mark

mark- sir they ran agaain but girl is their she helps in escapiing princess we diddnt find princess their isdark forest near

lakshye- what she sen princess to the forest is sshe dumb

sanky- what she is in forest lakshye hurry if we wont reach there she would be die

lakshye – mark we reached here come out of house take girl outside

mark take the girl out side the dorm

lakshye- listen girl where is the princess

girl- i wont tell u she escaps go find her she laughs

lakshye- its matter of her safty you idiot

girl- am her gurdian you r nothing saying this she tries to punch him but lakshye aescapes and said with gesture to sanky that he go and find out princess in the forest

lucky- do a krate strike she falls but see sanky to go towards forest she shouts

girl- she wont came with you sanky she hates you alot

sanky- smiles but surbhi i love her alot i will surely take her back

saying this he ran towards jungle

lakshye do a magic which made surbhi to sleep And he tied her in the car

on the other hand a girl in the long gown running in the forest as if someone is behind hefr life she has a bag in which a cat is presnt

girl- oscar we have to escape for our life

yes the girl is swara she is the lost princess

on the other hand sanky is houting swara s name

sanky- swara where are you plz come back

swara is running she tangeled in the stones and fell on ground she is listening howling sound she looks up she find a sigh hound that hates vampires and eats them

that hound is going to eat swara she screams when someone came and kill the hound she is shocked to see th person

sanky- shona are u alright he hugs her do you know how much i missed you come lets go bACK

Swra- jerked him shut up stay away and oscar too jump on sanky to harm him

sanky- hy cat whats your problem

swra- shut up she is my pet

saying thus she tries go but sanky do the same magic on shona to make her sleep she falls in his arms he takes her in his arm and cat too and comes out of forest and moves to the car where lakshye is waiting for him

sanky placed shona in the car and lakshye givesthe news to the headmistress that they find the princess

they both smiled looking their sleeping beauties and give hifi to eachother

lucky- at last

sanky- mission acomplished

shona and surbhi are sleeping

scene splits

chapter ends

precap- swasan fight surbhis punishment

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