Hhhhiii guyyysss. Sorry I’m not able to upload NEVER HURT YOURSELF AS IT HURTS ME. I’m a school student so i didn’t get time from my school and coaching.
But I somehow able to take time from my busy schedule as I have to write this os .I will try to post that whenever I will get time. Now enough of my bak-bak.
let’s start…..

A collage is shown- XT XAVIER COLLAGE, LUCKNOW in which we can see that two girls are sitting on bench; talking and laughing .
Girl 1- That was so funny. hai na swara .
Swara – Yes. He was looking so cute. you know I want to save that photo but that sanskar took that photo and hide it somewhere.
Girl 1- No problem Swara we will find it. And…(Her facial expression changes into shock one and she stop talking)
Swara- What happen why are you behaving like this as if you have seen any ghost.
Girl 1- See it yourself. (and she turns Swara .)
Swara- Sanskar you
(her expression changes into innocent child where as sanskar was giving her death glare)
Sanskar- Yes. Me. have you any problem.
Swara- No, why should i have problem.
Sanskar- Leave it. It is useless to talk to you.
Suddenly the bell rings for first period. Come Mira we should leave to class otherwise we will get late for the classes.
Second girl is Mira: a cute, innocent and friendly nature. (more to know about Mira later)
Mira- But Swara….

Sanskar drag her towards the classes leaving Swara alone. Swara also follows them. Swara & Mira sits together where as Sanskar sits in front of them with Laksh.

First period starts.
Swara tries to talk to him but Sanskar ignores her. He is just trying to tease her and checking her patience.
Swara try each and every method to talk to him but as usual he is not giving any attention to her.
Now this was enough for Swara.
In lunch time she went out of the class room without informing any of the two. (sanskar & mira)
Mira- Sanskar. What have you done? You always make her sad. I know that you are teasing her but please don’t do it again. I’m going to her.
Sanskar- SORRY and I’m also coming with you.
Mira- Instead of sating sorry to me says her.
And they both go towards the garden where Swara always go in the interval.
But to their disappointment she was not there.
Mira- Sanskar. You be here .I will go and check in the washroom.
Sanskar -ok.

Mira went to washroom but Swara was not there. She was going to the garden but she notice that Swara was sitting in the class and was engaged in her books. She took her deep breath
and go towards the garden to inform Sanskar.
She informs him & they both go towards classroom.
But to their bad luck the BELL rings and the lunch time is over.
So they both go towards their seat.
Mira- Swara. Where have you been in the lunch time?
Swara- I have to meet Ragni so I went to her class.
Listening RAGNI name LAKSH turns backward.
Laksh- You had gone to meet RAGNI. What she was saying? Is she talking about me?
Swara- Laksh I went to her for some work not to ask her about you.
Laksh-OK.OK.OK.. She is looking cute na in that purple top. By the way My Ragni always looks beautiful.
Swara (with teasing smile)-O.O..OOO…My Ragni.
Laksh (to divert topic) – Vesa is Sanskar angry with you?
Swara- NO vo I…
Before she completes, teacher enters.
Like this the collage gets over.
Students start leaving the campus.

Laksh- Sanskar . Let’s go otherwise I will not able to see my Ragni.(Laksh always go with Sanskar to see Ragni at the parking area.
Sanskar wants to deny as he wants to talk to Swara. But when he didn’t find Swara and Mira in the class .He finally agrees.
Sanskar- OK. let’s go.
They both go towards the parking area.
Laksh was busy in adoring his Ragni . It was his daily routines as Ragni always wait for the driver to pick her up.
Whereas Sanskar was standing there when his eye sight falls on Swara .
Swara was trying to start her scooty and Mira was standing beside her.
Sanskar- Laksh. I’m coming in few minutes.
Laksh- Ok dude.
Sanskar went towards them.
Sanskar- Can I try.
Swara did not give any reply and continue her work.
Mira also did not say anything as she knows that whenever she is angry she behaves like this. So she also did not say anything.
At last she retreats back.

Sanskar try to start the scooty but it does not start.
Sanskar- I think it will not start. So leave it inside the campus and come I will drop you both.
Both agree without any argument as they well know that he will not allow them to go alone. So both go behind Sanskar.
Sanskar (to Laksh) – Laksh. I can’t come to your house today as I have to drop them; so sorry and bye. See you tomorrow.
Laksh- OK bye. Dude.

Trio sits in the car. Sanskar and Mira at the front seat and Swara at the back.
Sanskar drove the car towards the apartment where both lives.
None of them talk so Sanskar on the radio in which Chahun Main Ya Naa song was playing from Aashiqui 2. As soon as Sanskar heard that song he looks towards swara by mirror. Swara also sees him.

Both have a small eye lock through the mirror which was broken by Swara.
Now both the girls were busy looking outside where as Sanskar was driving.
After 15-20 minutes they reach the apartment.
Swara come out of the car and say thanks to Sanskar and quickly go from there. Seeing her behaviour Sanskar feels little bit upset.
Mira- You have to bear her ignorance as she tried to talk to you but you were busy in teasing her. Don’t be upset she will be normal tomorrow. Bye. Take care.
See you tomorrow.
Mira go towards hostel where as Sanskar droves back to his house.

Mira and Swara freshen themselves and they sit to study. After 2-3 hours study they both go down in the garden to play badminton.
(Playing is also important guyys)
They both go back to their flat when darkness spread around them.
Mira didn’t talk about the collage incident as she knows she is angry on Sanskar. So they both had their dinner.
Mira (to lighten Swara mood) – Swara I have a question for you.
Swara- Then asks it.
Mira- Why 8 is afraid of 7
Swara (thinking) – Mmmm.. BECAAUUSSE 8 comes after 7.
Mira – Not at all.
Swara- OK. then tell me the reason.
Mira- It is because 7-8-9{seven-eight (ate)-nine}
Swara- Hhhaaa. That was funny. From where did you get that?
Mira (smiling)- Internet. On a jokes website.
Swara – OK now sleep otherwise we will not able to get up on time. So GOOD NIGHT & Sweet wala dreams.
Mira – Good night and lovely dreams.
Both dozes off.
On the other side Sanskar was thinking how to talk to SWARA. And he just sleeps while thinking.

Next morning both get up and get ready for collage.
Swara toast the bread and putting butter and jam on it for them where as Mira was packing her and Swara’s BAG.
Both have their breakfast and move downstairs to go to the collage.
But then the reality strikes them that their scooty was not there, it was still in their collage.
Swara – How can we forget that our scooty was not here? Now how can we reach collage on time? Aaj to pacca Gaye.
Mira- Lets go fast if we could get any taxi.
Swara -Let’s go.
Both are coming from the parking lot when they both look each other with shocked face. They were shock as Sanskar was there with his car to pick them up.
Seeing them Sanskar come out of the car and told them to sit in their car as they are already late
Now Mira sit at the back so that Sanskar could talk with her.
Without having any option she sits at the front seat as at the back their bags and some project were there.
In the whole journey Swara was looking outside and smiling which was notice by Sanskar where as Mira was busy in listening songs from mobile by putting headphones.
They arrive at the collage.

Trio went towards their class and acquire their seat.
Sanskar (while giving Dairy milk silk to Swara)- Swara please na sorry . I WILL NOT TEASE YOU AGAIN PLEASE…
Mira – Aree Swara maan bhi jao ab.
Swara (smiling) – Ok your apology accepted. Now give me my chocolate.
( Guyys I don’t like NO SORRY AND NO THANK YOU rule as they are the words by which we express our feeling)
Saying this she grab the chocolate.
Seeing this both SANMI smiles
Trio laugh’s, teased and pull each other legs and like this the collage gets over.
Sanskar- Swara your scooty keys and Now your scooty will start easily as I get them repaired.
Swara -Thankyou so much. ok so bye. take care.
Sanskar- BYE Swara & Bye Mira.
Mira- Bye Sanskar.
Both went from there to their apartment by scooty.
Sanskar also leaves from there but before going he tells Laksh to also go to house because as usual he was staring Ragni.
Sanskar- Ok then bye Laksh.
Laksh – bye bro.

LEAP OF 6 MONTHS. In these 6 months SWASANMI bonding grows even stronger and they always seen together doing masti, pranks on other. pulling someone legs. SWASAN start liking each other but both were unknown of that feeling especially our Swara and Sanskar was quite known to his feelings.
Whereas Laksh propose Ragni and they were enjoying themselves.
(It’s a SWASAN FF so I’m not giving much importance to RAGLAK character. So Sorry guyys to RAGLAK fans)

It was Sunday and SWAMI were watching CONJURING 2 and both were scared & shouting whenever ghost arrives.
In the mean time Swara phone rings
Swara- Mira you watch it I’m coming after talking.
Swara went towards balcony to talk.
After few minutes She comes back with a dull face. Seeing Swara like this she immediately ask her what happen.
Swara- Mom is saying that the joining letter come from the company which I had filled when I went to my parents this year.
Mira- So what NOW?
Swara- Mom is telling me to come as this chance does not come always. But I don’t want to go now.
Mira-Ok let’s talk to Sanskar tomorrow and take out the solution of this problem.
Swara – No first I will talk to my mom and then we will tell this to Sanskar.
She calls her mom and talks to her and then comes with a winning smile.
Mira- What happen?
Swara- Mom told me that she will talk to the company boss so that they can give me 6 months time to join.
Mira- YIPPEE… you will not go anywhere now.
(Guys it’s their last year in their collage so Swara and Mira were happy as they can be with each other till collage.
Swara- Ok now no need to say anything to Sanskar as the problem solves as its own.
Both order Pizza and have it and then both dozes off.

After 2-3 days.
IN the collage; in the lunch time Swara went with Laksh to meet Ragni.
Mira- So Sanskar when are you going to propose Swara????
Sanskar-How do you know?
Mira- Aree I’m your close friend so I have to know na. So tell me when are you proposing her?
Sanskar- I don’t know
Mira- What about tomorrow?
Sanskar- Will you help me?
Mira- what type of question is this? officious yes yaar.
Till that time Swara also comes so they change the topic.
Mira- Swara can you come tomorrow at the garden at 6 pm in the collage garden as Sanskar will be giving treat for his birthday.
Swara- Ok. Why not? And Happy Birthday Sanskar in advance.
Collage ends and all went to their home happily.

AT swara’s apartment she was sitting on the bed and was thinking about Sanskar . A smile appears on her face. Mira has gone outside for some work.
Swara (monologue) – Is I start liking Sanskar.I don’t know but he is very cute and under stable.
Like this whole day passes.

Next day all wish Sanskar HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all the students enjoy.
(I don’t want to drag this scene so I directly showing evening season.

All things were set Sanskar was ready to propose her and Mira helped him a lot and all the arrangements was done by Mira.
(So a special thanks to Mira di which is one of you only.)

At 6……
Swara comes to the garden and was shocked to see the scenario. She left from there hurriedly and went towards her apartment.
Here this one ends. I tried to write in one shot only but I think it’s so lengthy. So I’m giving in two parts.

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