Spellbounded (RagSan) Chapter 6: RagSan’s love!

Chapter 6: Honeymoon!

Heya Twistinians, today I will show you some amazing parts of Switzerland as RagSan are going there to some places. This chapter is dedicated to Sukorian AdibaAfreen JayantiAdlakha ShrilathaRM ABGopika TevarAnisha ShaVarJat Richie19_ L_i_y_a all RagSanians

Author’s note
“Switzerland is a small country in the middle Europe, but this country isn’t the EU, lots of Tourist mix up Switzerland with Sweden

Here is a pic of SRK in Switzerland

A or a few song or songs Of Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge was filmed in Switzerland in Interlaken.
End of Author’s note

RagSan were still in the flight, they were fighting like little children with eachother, he made her smile and frown at the same time and she did the same with him. After 15 hours flight they reached Geneva airport at night so they saw the beautiful city of Geneva.

As they were tired they went to the appartment which was rented by them and they slept as it was a long journey.

The next day they woke up had breakfast, spent the entire day in the appartment as they were still tired. So they chilled there, had fun in romancing there as no one was there to disturb them, except for Sujata, who called them at that time, so Sanskar picked up the phone and told her that they are fine and that Geneva is beautiful, so then she said good bye to them and so the phone call ended.

RagSan’s scene
“Sansku I’m hungry can you please make some lunch for us, pretty please?” She cutely asked him and he answered back: “okay, if you cook with me!”
“Done!” So she went towards Sanskar and they started making Butter chicken with rice and butter naan. While he was trying to make the dough he had created a big mess, by adding a lot of water into it.
“Eek, what have you done Sanky insaan?” Ragini shoutingly asked him.
“I added some water into the dough!” He answered back and she told him: “you added to much water into it!”
“Opps!” He said apologetically.
“It’s okay, so she added some flour to the mess and then the dough was perfect. Soon they finished making the food, they fed eachother the food romatically. Then they washed the dishes and romanced eachother, while watching Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani. Soon they fell asleep, while cuddling eachother.
End of their scene

The next day they woke up early, travelled by train and they went to Zurich

They liked it there, but the city was to big for them, so they stayed a night there, then they went back to Geneva for a few days.

Few days later they went to Interlaken(which means between the lakes as it is between the lake of Thun and Lake Brienz)

At first they went paragliding

Then they went to the Casino park

Where they found a Yash Chopra statue

They liked the park a lot especially the flower clock. They stayed for a night there as well.

Then the following day they went to Thun, the city that they liked a lot

At first they went to the castle of Thun

Then to the lake of Thun, which is stunning.

The to the castle of Shadau is in Thun as well, the castle is a restaurant, so they went to eat there.

Soon They went to their hotel and slept peacefully.

Meanwhile in India Swara was figuring out where RagSan have gone for their honeymoon, but she doesn’t know yet, while Laksh is trying to make her happy.

This story belongs to me and my Twisted mind, so no copy pastes!

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