Spellbounded (RagSan) Chapter 5: RagSan’s love!

Chapter 5: RagSan’s love

So mere pyaare Twistinians, this chapter will contain a lot of RagSan’s scene as well as Swara’s first plan against them, but not to worry as Sujata will save them and send our lovebirds somewhere. This chapter is dedicated to user31126692

Swara’s pov plus her plan against RagSan
“I have to separate them, before Ragini gets pregnant with Sanskars child.
“I need to do something or else I will loose Sanskar forever!” I thought a lot and then I had a perfect plan, because I am intelligent more than that Ragini. Soon I changed my clothes to something s*xy, so that Sanskar gets naughty with me and not with that unberable weirdo Ragini.
End of her pov and plan

Swara didn’t know that Sujata overheard her, so Suji locked the room of Swara, but Swara didn’t realize it at first, when she realized she opendd the door with a safety pin.

Meanwhile RagSan’s scene + Swara’s interuptance
RagSan were having fun, while they were having a pillowfight, suddenly Ragini lost her balance and she fell on top of Sanskar, both of them were on the bed and their face were an inch apart from eachother, they had an deep eyelook. Their faces were getting closer and closer, he asked for her consent to kiss her and she accepted it, he kissed with a lot of passion, both of them were so lost in the kiss, that they didn’t notice that someone came into their room and it was Swara.
“Ahem!” “Ahem!” Swara interrupted their romance.
“Swara what are you doing here and what are wearing?” Sanskar angrilly asked her and she replied back: “this is for you baby!”
“Out of this room Swara!” Sanskar angrilly said and Swara went out of the room angrilly.
End of their scene and the intereuptance

Sujata got some tickets and is sending RagSan away to honeymoon to Switzerland, so that they can enjoy their love life without Swara annoying them, making both of them uncomfortable and trying to seduce Sanskar. Sujata went to RagSan and gave them tre tickets and told them that the flight is tonight, so RagSan went to pack their clothes.

Soon the night came and RagSan said bye to SujRam and went to the airport. At the airport RagSan were waiting for their flight, so they did some naughty things and now it was time for their flight, so they went in there and sat down.

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