Spellbounded (RagSan) Chapter 4: His family is now my family!

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Sujata’s pov
“Aww this poor girl, she has suffered a lot and still she smiles like nothing has happened!” “I really like her a lot and will protect her from that Swara!” I was so lost in my thoughts, that I didn’t notice that Ragini was calling me a few times. “Haan Ragini beta!” I said.
“Momsy Khaana ho gaye hai!” Ragini said after she had set the table, eveyone came after smelling the food.

“The food smells delicious, did you make it Sujata?” Ram asked me and I answered back: “no our daughter Ragini has made it!” Then he took some of the food like the others and all of them except for that chudhail Swara said: “the food is very delicious!” Then Sanskar went towards Ragini and kissed both of her hands infront of all and specially infront of that jealous skank Swara. Soon we all were finished with the food and I said to Ragini: “beta you don’t have to do the work, you should go and get some rest!”

“But momsy, you will be alone doing the housework, let me help you in that!” Ragini said, while she was pouting and I replied back, shocking Swara to the core: “you don’t have to worry about, because Swara is here, so she will help with the housework!”
“Okay!” Ragini sadly said, then she went to her room and Sanskar followed her. “I’m so happy for my son that he married someone like Ragini and not like that nagin Swara!” I thought to myself.
End of her pov

Swara and Sujata’s scene
“Swara can you please wash the dishes?” Sujata asked her and Swara arrogantly answered back: “I won’t do anything or else my polished nails will look horrible!”
“You are a horrible person, so it doesn’t matter if your nails will become horrible as it will suit your personality a lot!” Sujata said under her breath, to her luck Swara didn’t hear it, Swara went to her room without helping Sujata, Ragini noticed that, so she helped her mother-in-law and they finished the work within an hour.
End of their scene

Ragini went to her room, where SanLak were talking about random subjects, so she joined them.

RagSanLak’s scene
“Oh, hi Ragini bhabhi!” Laksh said.
“Hello dever ji!” She said nicely.
“So Ragini what were doing?” Sanskar asked her and she replied back: “my dear hubby I was helping mom!”

“But mom told you to rest as you had cooked a lot of food!” He said.
“Yeah, I know, but I’m used to doing housework!” She replied back to him.
“I know my queen, but still!” He said.
“Bye, bro and bhabhi, I’m going to my wife!” Laksh said as he was feeling bored as he thought to give them some privacy(you are a good boy Laksh?) and he left.
“Finally he left!” Sanskar said and Ragini asked him: “why?”

“Close your eyes my queen!” He replied and she asked: “but why?”
“It’s a surprise baby doll!” He answered back and the she said: “okay, I will!” Sanskar took out a few presents for her and he laid them down on the bed.

The dresses for her

The ring for her was his promise to protect, to love her always and forever

The earings for her

“Now, you can open your eyes!” He said, she did what he told and she was shocked seeing so many presents.

“Sanskar, you didn’t have to do that for me, I maybe beautiful as so many guys have lusted for me or girls are and were jealous of me, but why are you doing this?” She asked him.
“When I met you I didn’t look at you, but I looked at the beauty of your heart, I fell for it hard as it has some kind of magic that has spellbounded me!” Sanskar said to her, while he replied to her question as she had tears in her eyes, she hugged him and said: “I love you Sanskar, but I was scared to tell you my feelings!”

“Ragini will you be mine forever?” He asked her, while he knelt infront of her with the ring and she answered: “I will be yours always and forever!”
They both had confessed their feelings, but they didn’t know that a storm named Swara was coming to destroy their lives and love story. Both of them went sleep and they fell asleep, while hugging eachother.
End of their scene

SwaLak’s scene
Swara was pacing here and there as she was lost in her thoughts, how to destroy RagSan’s love story. “Shona!” “Shona!” Laksh called her a few times, she didn’t respond to it, so he started to shake her and she said: “what is it Lucky!”

“I’m so happy for Sanskar!” He beamingly said, while he was dancing.
“Why?” She asked him, while she was dreading that RagSan is an official couple.
“Because Sanskar is going to propose Ragini bhabhi and hopefully she will say yes to him.” Laksh answered back, while shocking Swara, but she smiled happily at him, while innerly she was exploding with jealousy.
“That’s great news!” She said.

“Yes, it is babe!” He said, before he kissed her cheek. As both of them were tired, they went to sleep, but Swara couldn’t sleep, because of RagSan.
End of their scene

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