Spellbounded (RagSan) Chapter 3: Swara’s creepy act!

Chapter 3: Swara’s creepy act!

So are you ready my Twistinians to read Swara’s creepy act against our beautiful couple RagSan?
This part is dedicated to all RagSanians and SwaLakians(if there are any, because SwaLak are married, so they will be the endgame).

It was night everyone was sleeping except for Swara as she was dreaming about RagSan’s romance. . Soon a sweaty Swara woke up and said to herself angrilly: “I have to check on them, I hope they haven’t consummated as it is only my right to do that with Sanskar and Laksh!” Soon she opened her bedrooms door and walked towards RagSan’s room.

RagSan’s scene
Sanskar woke up and saw a shadow near his room, so he slowly went to Ragini to wake her up and he said: “Ragini someone is at our door, can I come with my stuff towards the bed and sleep next to you?”
Yeah, sure Sanskar as I don’t want anyone to missuderstand our relationship!” She answered back, so he came with his things, soon someone knocked the door, he took of his shirt and Ragini asked him, while she was checking out his sixpack and abs: “why are you taking off your shirt?”
Because I love it, when my darling wife is checking me out!” Sanskar naughtilly said, making Ragini blush a like a cherry and someone knocked again, so Sanskar went to open the door, he wasn’t to happy seeing Swara.
“What are you doing here Swara?” Sanskar asked her, because he knew why she was here.
“I wanted to get to know your wife!” She said.
“What are you insane at that time you wanted to meet my wife, who is sleeping peacefully!” Sanskar said in disbelieve.
“Sanskar, why are you still awake my hot hubby, come lets have fun!” Ragini said, while she winked at Swa____San.
“Coming my lady!” Sanskar said naughtilly.
“Bye!” Swara said angrilly, while she went back to her room. Sanskar then closed their room and both of them started laughing, they hifived eachother, soon without their aknowledgment they hugged eachother and they felt safe in eachother embrace. They fell asleep after they talked about his past, why he hates Swara and that she should be aware of Swara.
End of their scene

The next morning Ragini woke up early as she was used to it, Sujata woke up and saw that Ragini was making various dishes and most of them were her and Sanskar’s favourite dishes.
“Oh the food smells good!” Sujata said surprising Ragini as her parents would never praise her for the food.
“Thank you aunty ji!” Ragini said politely.
“You can call me mom, no need to call me aunty ji!” She said nicely.
“Yes mom!” Ragini said happily, soon Sujata noticed a cut in Ragini’s, so she asked her: “what’s this Ragini?”
“Nothing mom!” Ragini assuringly replied back.
“Mom, she is lying, because her parents used to torture her.” Sanskar said.
“What?” A shocked Sujata asked.

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