Spellbounded (RagSan) Chapter 2: Sold and married!

Chapter 2: Sold and married!

So my dear Twistinians I’m back as TevarAnisha and suma_0795 requested for this one!

Sanskar went with Ragini’s father to their place, soon he was inside, where everything was ready for the marriage. Sanskar wasn’t in his senses, but his heart was saying: “no, don’t marry her, because you will feel guilty all your life!” “You should marry her, then you can show that Swara, that you can live without her!” His mind said. He listened to his mind instead of his heart. Sanskar was impatiently waiting to see his bride Ragini as her father said that she is very beautiful.

Ragini’s pov
I heard footsteps coming towards the door, that person opened it and it was my mother, who was smilling archievingly. “I knew that he will find someone, who is ready to buy you blo*dy useless witch!” “Oh really and who is it some old man, you had an affair with?” I asked my mom, which shut the mouth of my stupid witch like mother, because she has cheated on her husband as well as known as my father, I saw her with that man, but she said that I’m the one who is wrong, since that day my father hates me, because of that witch, she doesn’t desserve the right to be called a mother. That woman came towards me, she was about to slap me, but someone saved me and said: “how dare you slap her?” “She was missbehaving with me so I was going to slap her!” That woman said. “You don’t have a right to slap as she is going to be my wife!” That guy said and now I knew that he bought me. She angrilly went out and the guy was still here, I was scared and then he said: “hi my name is Sanskar Meheswari and you don’t have to be scared of me, I know I bought you, but my condition to your father was that I will marry you at first and then I will take you to my place!” “Hi, my name is Ragini Iyer!” “That’s a sweet name just like you!” He said complimenting me. “Here this your wedding dress, I hope you’ll like it!” He said then he closed the door behind and didn’t hear any footsteps, so I knew that he is waiting there and that my mother doesn’t come. I got ready in a beautiful dress and opened the door.

My wedding dress
I came out and he looked at me and he was stunned. We walked next to eachother, but yet far from eachother.
End of her pov

RagSan’s marriage
Both of them were in a fix, he wanted to help her, so inorder do that he married her, she wanted her freedom and live a life without these kind of sick people like her parents. He may have bought her, but he decided to set her free after their marriage and he will give a chance to this relationship, because he somehow can’t see her hurt, but will he be able to love again after his heart was broken into pieces. Ragini’s parents were smiling victoriously, her mother was very happy as she can meet her lover often, when her husband is at work and have fun with him(?). In everyone of the rounds they promised eachother, to support eachother, love eachother, having a great friendship and till death brings them apart. After their marriage was finished they went to his place, where SwaLak’s marriage was taking place, everyone looked at RagSan with shocked expressions.
End of the scene

Sanskar’s pov
“Sanskar, who is this?” Swara asked me and I replied back: “my wife Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Meheswari!” “How dare you marry someone else?” Swara asked me. “The way you dared to marry my best friend and breaking my heart.” I answered back. Then I took Ragini with me to my room. She was scared as she is uncomfortable with me right now as she doesn’t know me. “You can sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the couch, until you are comfortable with me. “Thank you Sanskar for saving me from my parents and their dissgusting thoughts.” “No need to thank me Ragini, I’m always there to protect you!” I said and she smiled at me, while she said: “good night Sanskar!” “Good night my queen!” I said and it felt right to call her that and soon sleep overtook me.
End of his pov

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