Spellbounded- Prologue and Chapter 1: Introduction of RagSan

Hola my Twistinians I’m back with a new story which will be irregular as the others.

She is beautiful from the inside as well as from the outside, guys lusted for her, girls were jealous of her and she was a burden for her parents, they wanted to sell her, they could successfully do that, the guy who bought her was spellbounded by her inner beauty and not because of her outer beauty. She was scared and he never touched her as she wasn’t comfortable with him yet.

He is a handsome guy, who is in search oof a girl with inner beauty, so that he can believe in love again and he didn’t care about her looks, because the girl, was a beauty from the outside, but she didn’t have any inner beauty, he loved her from the bottom of his heart and she cheated him in love.

A qoute
“Love can spellbound you with the inner beauty of anyone, but what about the outer one?”

The copyright of this prologue belongs to me?❤️

Chapter 1: Introduction of RagSan

Heya my lovely Twistinians first of all this story is dedicated for the actors Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar and Varun Kapoor for playing the most sweetest couple RagSan and For Dhanya Varun Kapoor and her husband in supporting Tejaswi, while she is getting bashed by Helly fans as known as SwaSan fans, who call RagSan as couple, but they didn’t see the spark between RagSan, which we Teja fans have seen.

Ragini’s pov
As I always I woke up early to make breakfast for my family as they feel that I’m a burden to them. I want my parents to love me, but they hate me as they wished for a son, but they got me instead. They always make fun of me. My mother hits me with a wooden stick, slaps me a lot, burns my hand, if I do a mistake and sometimes she forbids me to eat something which caused me to loose weight, which isn’t funny as I’m already thin, but I’m getting thinner day by day. “Is that witch already awake?” My father loudly asked my mother. “I hope so or else I will punish her and let this burden starve to death.” “No, you won’t as I want to sell her off today itself!” “Did you find someone, who will buy her?” “No, not yet, but I will definitely find someone today as so many guys lust for her!” “So you mean to sell her off to someone who wants to play with her not to take care off her!” “I want to cry over my fate, but I can’t as I have to fight back.” “Mr. Iyer and Mrs. Iyer, you can’t sell me off to someone as I have a right to tell my decision as well!” I shouted at them with rage. “I won’t be quiet and let you do whatever you want too as I have my own right and you do not own me!” My mother came towards me and slapped me tightly, my cheek was hurting, she pulled me with her and locked me up in a room. “Now, starve to death you stupid witch!” I heard my father going out and I knew that he will find someone who will buy me and will have fun with me, because all the men are the same.
End of her pov

Meanwhile Sanskar’s pov
“How, could you cheat me Swara?” “Because I used you Sanskar, I never loved you, I only wanted your money, but now you aren’t useful anymore, so I’m marrying your best friend Laksh Khurana!” After saying that she went away, I broke down as the love of my life left me to marry someone else and it should have been us marrying today. I was heart broken, so I went to a bar, drank some glasses of vodka, soon a guy came towards me as I was drunk, I told him that I will buy his daughter, but at first I will marry her and he agreed to my conditions. Then I paid the bartender and I went with him to his house.
End of his pov

The copyright of this story belongs to me?

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