Spellbounded Chapter 9: Intro of the new characters!

Chapter 9: Intro of the new characters!

Heyo Twistinians, today I will introduce all the characters and what their main goal is!

These two are the baddies akka the villains

Swara’s lover known as Raj Grover
He is a gang member of Swara’s, he “loves” her but actually he doesn’t, he hates SanLak but the reason is unknown. He is played by Karan Singh Grover(as she doesn’t desserve a good looking guy, because of her real evilness. His main goal is to kill Sanskar(you are a dead man?).

Another gang member of Swara’s, she’s her twin sister and her name is Malika, she is short tempered and loves Sanskar for his good looks and wants him at any cost even if she has to kill her own sister and her main goal is to kill Ragini(oh you are so gone?). She is played by Helly Shah.

Now the goodies will join you to kill the villains with their twistfullness???

The whole gang has tan tana many participants, all of them are a family, so they are heartbeat of the Malik empire.

Armaan Malik in a realationship with Sam, he will come into the story soon. He is played by himself.

Amaal Malik fiancé of Nidhi D’Sousa, will come into the story soon. He is played by himself.

Saurav Kapoor married to Shrilatha.

The triplets
Ryaan Singhania married to Liya. He is played by Zain Imam.

Ranveer Singhania married to Kitanjali. He is played by Zain Imam.

Parth Singhania married to Rakshully. He is played by Zain Imam.

Kitanjali Ranveer Singhania(kitkatraglak)

Nidhi D’Sousa soon to be Mrs. Amaal Malik?(nidz_055)

Tariq Khan married to Navya.

Navya Tariq Khan(Butterflyonrose)

Liya(Jaana) Ryaan Singhania(L_i_y_a)

Sam(Charms) Khan(me)

Rakshully(Rakhu) Parth Singhania(Rakshully)

Aditi(Adi) Meheswari(ABGopika)
She loves being single. Sister of Sanskar.

Shrilatha(Shriyu) Saurav Kapoor(ShrilathaRM)

Shreya (Mi Amor) David D’Sousa

David D’Sousa married to Shreya.
He is played by Dean Winchester.

Rakesh Khurana husband of Jayanti

Jayanti(Jaanemaan) Rakesh Khurana(JayantiAdlakha)

Suma(Bubu) Khurana(suma_0795)

Priyank Sharma boyfriend of Suma. Played by himself.

Richa(Baby doll) Malik(Richie19_)

Bela(Bella) Jaiswal

Karan Jotwani Bela’s boyfried. Played by himself.

Riya(Riyu) Malhotra doesn’t have a boyfriend and she is happy single.

Farheen(Fair) Malik(fairyFARII)
She is married to….

Varshni(Blushy) Tarun Khurana(varshni81)
She is married to Laksh’s twin brother.

Tarun Khurana married Varshni. Laksh’s Twin brother. Played bu Namish Taneja.

Deeshu Omkara Singh Oberoi(Deeshsh)

Omkara Singh Oberoi

Ganga Micheal D’Sousa (GangaChowdary)

Micheal D’Sousa married to Ganga

Fatima Sahir Khan

Akshata(Aku) Malhotra doesn’t have a boyfriend and she is happy single.

Sahir Khan married to Fatima

So these are the characters and let’s go back to the story.

San went to Meheswari Mansion to meet Laksh and SujRam, soon she reached there just in time, before Swara would reach there as she wants to tell Laksh about Swara’s truth. She rang the doorbell and Sujata opened it, when she saw Sam she was very happy to see her.
“Charms beta kaisi ho tum(Charms, how are you dear)?”
“I’m fine bua and what about you?” Sam asked her.
“I’m fine, I just miss Sanskar and his wife Ragini a lot!” Sujata said.
“Yeah, I would love to meet Bhabi too!” She said, then Laksh came and shouted: “choti, is it really you?”
“Yes, it’s me Laksh Jee bhai.”
“Oh, so have you found out something about her?” He casually asked and she replied back as she knows that Swara was listenning to them as she saw her from the corner of her eyes: “yes, she is using him but she doesn’t know that she’s married to her lover boy and not him.”
“About whom are you talking?” Swara asked.
“About my boyfriend’s sister “Fairy”!” Sam answered back, while she was shooting daggers at that ***** Swara.
“Choti, I forgot to introduce you to my wife Swara and vice versa!” Laksh said, while he winked at Sam and she knew why. 
They talked for a while with eachother and Sam was ready to kill that fakeness ki dukaan Swara.

Meanwhile in Switzerland

RagSan’s scene with the whole gang without Charms
“Heya my dear brothers and sisters!” Sanskar said.
“Heya Sanky bro!” The whole gang said.
“Our plan in trapping Swara in her own game is working pretty well, am I right Fairy bhabhi?” RagSan asked, while they were smirking, winking at Fairy whi was blushing a lot.
“Yes, it is Sam was nearly going to kill her right now but she stopped herself.
“That’s good our else, she would have landed in jail again for killing someone else, I got her bailed, while I promised that she wouldn’t do something like that again and I can’t let my cutiepie kill someone out of revenge.” Armaan said.
“Right but I would have enjoyed seeing Swara suffer for what she has done to us.” Aditi angrilly said, while Jayanti was trying to calm her down.
“Yes, I know that you hate her, because she killed your boyfriend Mahesh.” Sanskar said, while he hugged his younger sister.
Not the end of their scene

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