Spellbounded Chapter 8: I am what?

Chapter 8: I am what?

Heya Twistinians I hope you’ll love the next chappy?Everyone lets say dil bole RagSan or RagLak, as this will help other RagSanians and or RagLakians to overcome their fear of SwaSanians and it will even help them in writing better stories than SwaSanians, I’m not promoting any hate, just helping my fellow friends, who are RagLakians and RagSanians!

Leap of a week

SwaLak were back in Mumbai, Swara inn’t behaving indifferent and has already got a plan to separate RagSan forever as her plan is really dangerous. RagSan are still in their honeymoon as they were waiting for a result of the doctors as Ragini isn’t feeling well lately, since a few days or else they would been back in India.

In india
Secret hideout of Swara, she was having an conversation with 2 main people and other gang members.
“We have to separate Sanskar from Ragini as soon as possible, because he is mine!” Swara said and her friend thought: .
“But what about me?” A male voice asked her and she answered back: “you are mine, I just want to use Sanskar again and he never knew about our affair, just like that Laksh, who I already have used like a tissuepaper!”
They were talking about their evil plan, but they didn’t notice that someone was listening to their conversation, because that person gasped out of shock, as Swara and her gang were busy in planning how to destroy RagSan, while the two of Swara’s gang members had another plan, which was more dangerous than Swara’s! Then that person, who heard everything went to inform his or her boss(the person is a surprise and the boss as well?).
End of the scene

Meanwhile in Switzerland in the hospital
Sanskar was walking aimlessly here and there waiting for the results of Ragini, which will come out in a few minutes.
“Are you Mr. Sanskar Meheswari?” A nurse asked him and then he answered back: “Yes, I am!”
“Congratulations sir!” She said and he asked her: “why are you congratulating me?”
“Because of these reports of your wife but as hint, you should read the reports with your wife, so that it stays a surprise for a while as it will change your whole life forever!” She replied back making Sanskar gulp his saliva down,after a while he went to Ragini and took her to their apartment. There was a long silence between them, no one talked for a long span of time, which was annoying Ragini. Soon they reached their apartment and then they went in.
End of the scene

RagSan’s scene
They straightly went to the living room.
“What’s wrong Sanskar?” A confused Ragini asked.
“Nothing my princess, I’m just freaking out, because of that weird nurse from that hospital!” Sanskar replied back and Ragini asked: “did you read the report?”
“No, I haven’t, because I wanted to read them with you!” Sanskar replied back to her, while they were sitting on the couch and she said, while holding his hand and resting her head on his shoulder: “okay, but I’m nervous Sansku!”
“Ragini, I’m nervous too my sweetheart but let open it together.” He said, while he was side hugging her. Then they took the parcel, opened it with shivering hands, then they took out the file with the reports, while their heart was beating faster than the usual skip of the beat and then they read the file together.
“I am what?” Ragini shouted out of shock and Sanskar beamingly said: “Ragini, you are pregnant!”
“That means that we are expecting our first child!” Ragini happily said, after she kissed her Sanskar.
Soon after the kis they called SujRam and told them the good news of their life, SujRam were happy and blessed the couple with happiness, prosperity, even that they live an happy life in Switzerland and that they(SujRam) will come to meet them as soon as possible.
End of the scene

Meanwhile in India the unknown person was talking on the phone with her boss, who is actually her boyfriend.
“When are you coming back my princess with twisted mind?” Her boyfriend asked her and she answered back: “soon, oh yeah please do take care of my Jaana, Adi, Shriyu, Mi Amor, Jaanemaan, Bubu, Kit di, Baby doll, Bella, Rakhu, Riyu, Fair, Blushy, Deeshu, Ganga, Nidz, Fatima, Aku,Navya, of my dear Jeejus and of course of yourself too my love!”
“Aww, I miss you cutie!” He said lovingly and then she said: “I love you too!”
“You know what the best thing is about our mission, that Swara will pay for whatever she is going to do with Sanskar bhai and Ragini bhabhi!” She said with a lot wickedness.
“Yes but what about Laksh bhai?” He asked her and she replied back with…….

“Who are these people and what’s their mission about?”

who is Swaras lover?”

“What is he and her friend planning to do?”

Charmedone is signing off with these questions?

The copyright of this story belongs only to my creativity❤️

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